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Monday, 30 May 2011

All about Clare...

I had gone to see my friend Clare for the day. This dream was a mixture of experiencing it 'live', seeing replays and reading about it. I'll do my best to relay it :-/

As soon as I got there, her two cousins arrived and they all decided to pop out. They said they wouldn't be long so as I'd just arrived I decided to wait in. I noticed a white carrier bag and when I looked inside I was aware of half a title of a James Bond film which made me frown.

Somehow, I knew Clare could hear me so I loudly declared that I hoped she wasn't planning to watch James Bond as I didn't like it and it was boring. I got no reaction so left the bag and went to the bedroom to have sex with my husband.

Afterwards, I realised time was going on, so I spoke to Clare again and she was telling me about an ex-boyfriend. She told me he was only 5'1" but he was a charmer with a nice face and that her family had worshipped him. To demonstrate, I was suddenly in a replay of that part of her life.

Clare however, was aware of me even though it was in the past and she stepped out of her shoes to show me she was a lot shorter than she looked.

All her family were practically falling at the feet of Clare's ex and it sickened me somewhat, so I ignored him.

I took a diversion in Clare's memories and found her and her husband in the showers at the gym. They were dressed in gym clothes and were arguing.

Somehow, I was able to read that they eventually split up over this argument and it was because of the colour of the tiles in the shower so I got an industrial paint sprayer and started to paint them blue.

It started out very effective but got runnier and harder to cover the insipid green. In the end I ran out of paint, so came out of the memories and sat on Clare's settee waiting for her and her cousins to come home.

I heard them outside and realised they'd been home ages but hadn't told me. I noticed it was 7.45pm so the day was almost over. They told me they'd visited Gorslas and Birmingham and I was very cross as that was hardly 'popping out'!

I went home in a strop (home in the dream was just opposite). A fire was lit and I was glad to be home. I noticed all my bedding was on the fire (but wasn't alight) but I thought nothing of it.

Then a man ran in. It was the son of a friend of mine (Justin). He looked shocked, wet and cold so I asked him if he wanted to sit by the fire. He nodded very enthusiastically and curled up actually in the fire. I frowned and warned him to be careful but sure enough he caught fire. I sighed with exasperation and went to get a flannel. I came back and dabbed the damp flannel on him as soon as that bit of him started to burn. I noticed it had spread to my bedding too and felt very fed up.

The flannel was dry now so I went back to the kitchen to dampen it again but I got distracted by white marks on the floor. I used the flannel to wipe them up and as I smelt it I realised it was paint.

I sat on the floor and decided to inhale deeply and started sniffing paint. It was wonderful and I felt happy.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Life in a commune...

I was living in some sort of commune. There were loads of people living and working there. We were outside and I was aware of two sets of people having a heated argument. There were the cooks and the florists. For some reason they couldn't both work at the same time so an argument was going on about which was most important.

The cooks won and the florists stomped off in a right strop. They came over to shout at me even though I wasn't involved. It turns out it was somehow my fault because I had the wrong fridge magnet calendar open. I had 1997 instead of 2010.

I went inside where they were having a vote about whether to watch a random Columbo. I didn't care so I sat on the stairs and had half a wash but they called me back saying they needed a quorum to watch it.

It came on and it was a very recent one as he had White hair. I was therefore able to ask Columbo if he minded if I left the room and he said it was ok. This really irritated everyone and it made me happy that I'd found a way to break the rules.

I went to have the rest of my wash but the bathroom had been broken into pieces and I'd lost my clothes. I wandered round the house picking up clothes and pieces of bathroom and eventually got everything together and locked the door.

I was in the bath and it went massive, so I found I had to swim but I was tied to the plug (and can't swim) so I was shouting. Someone that I couldn't see threw me amaretti biscuits to use as floats.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

A holiday theme....sort of...

I'd gone on holiday and was staying in a cottage in a little village somewhere. The cottage seemed to move when you weren't looking. 

It was my turn to cook and I decided to make baked potatoes but cooking them involved burying them in fields so I went off on my bike to do this. 

I said a word which was a secret word and it summoned a man to my side. I don't know who he was but I was aware that he was important and sought after and that I was privileged because he was confiding in me. 

He went and I realised I was lost and I didn't have any details for satnav. I rang my sister who told me the cottage had moved to 'cando' (pronounced kendoor' )

I set off on my bike. One minute it was getting dark, and it was raining and I was cycling through unlit muddy fields. Then I'd take a turn and be in a vibrant town in the middle of a parade. 

Eventually I got back but someone was taking the credit for my baked potatoes and saying that opening a tin of beans had caused them workplace stress. 

I thought they were being pathetic and a right drama queen but everyone else took it very seriously and awarded her a car as compensation. 

I got cross and smashed one of the potatoes with my fist but it was hot and my hand turned into a blister. I decided to sit outside. 

My mother was out there. The cottage was now opposite a long wall with square holes every ten foot or so. Each hole had a tree poking through with things  growing on it. 

She picked a twig covered in pink blossom from the first one and told me if I put it in my hair it would improve my mood as it was happy. I did this and it worked. It made my hair feel pretty. 

The next tree had camera equipment growing on it so I picked a small camera but I couldn't use it as my right hand was a blister. 

The next tree had nieces on it so I picked my younger niece as a five year old. I really wanted a photo of us together but the camera didn't take a photo of what it should, but a few foot higher :-/

I gave up on the photo. It made me sad. The cottage had turned into a church which made me think it was Sunday and I had to get home so I found a tree of roads, picked the m4 and started to cycle home. I was aware that I only had a floaty top on and the flowers in my hair and that I'd end up on the news but I didn't care. 

Friday, 27 May 2011

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Think before you buy!

I was in a shop in Cardiff that used to be a big department store (David Morgan). It was sad looking now. Mostly empty, with old discarded rails and broken shop dummies lying around. Everything was tatty, faded and dusty. 

In one part of the shop however, a family had set themselves up selling furniture and I was there looking around. I chose a purple three piece suite and I could tell they were delighted to make the sale.  

I somehow managed to get the furniture into a van and drive it home. When I got home I went into a house that in the dream I knew was my home but in reality it was nothing like it. 

I realised as soon as I went in that I already had a three piece suite and furthermore, purple clashed horribly with the decor of the room. 

There were lots of people living in the house I think they were all family. No one else seemed too bothered but when I realised how stupid I'd been I became inconsolable and was sobbing and apologising and chastising myself. 

My husband tried to comfort me and said the colours were fine and that we'd find room but I wanted to take them back. First of all I wanted someone else to sort it out but then I decided I had to do it. I was dreading it. 

I went back and explained. There were about 3 or 4 men there and they were fine about it. Somehow my old suite was now in their shop as part of a part exchange deal and was dismantled, so they said they'd put that back together, give me £185 part exchange and no harm done (?!)

The only woman there was giving me evil looks so I started an argument by asking what her problem was. She stormed over to me and threatened to go to the daily mail with the story of how I'd changed my mind so I was very sarcastic to her and she went away sulking. 

One of the men was hungry so I made him a bowl of cereals but he said I had strange milk and put the bowl into an airing cupboard. I noticed there was an old lady with an umbrella up in there.   

My old suite was now ready to go but I realised I didn't have transport so a friend (AMT) showed me her muscles and said she'd carry everything. All the same I rang my sister to borrow my dad's van. 

As I waited in an empty part of the shop, looking out on to open countryside, I noticed a chicken picking up engagement rings with its beak. The girl that I'd argued with was following to collect the rings. 

She saw that I'd witnessed her scam so offered me a duck with a fringe to buy my silence. 

Wednesday, 25 May 2011


I was Christmas shopping (Christmas again!) and somehow my sister was transmitting into my brain, what I had to buy for her and her family.  I was able to pick these things up, but she could only transfer the money to me if I was sat in a toilet with my bag open.

I therefore had to do this in every shop but sometimes, someone else came in to use the toilet so I had to pretend to clean them with cotton buds.

I was then in a dance hall and I was a man.  I didn't want to dance but the woman I was with was running around and dancing in a very extreme and haphazard way.  She kept changing outfits and I finally freaked out when she came out dressed as Sandy from Grease in leather trousers etc.  I decided I didn't want to be a man after all and caught a train which I believed was going to Enid Blyton's House.

I had to sit on the floor and my husband sat behind me on a seat, going through my hair as he said there were horse racing tips in there.  I was reading a newspaper and everything in there was wrong.

I went into Enid Blyton's house only to find it was my house and I had never noticed before.  One of the people there was my friend (AB) who was dressed like another friend (CG) especially the most remarkable shoes.  She looked under her shoe and found a stone stuck in the heel so then I noticed that she had wrecked our wooden floor, taking huge chunks out of it and making holes all over the place.  I panicked and between us we tried to move rugs and furniture to hide it from my husband.

In the end I decided to go for a walk and I was walking with a number of people but I am not sure who they were (although I knew them in the dream).  We came to the Co-op but we decided that we were too interesting to use the main entrance so we found another entrance that no one else could see - it was like the main entrance but darker and more secret.

We all went in and stood in the entrance area (where they have things like photo booths).  It was dark and no one else was in there.  We could see the door to the main shop but it was closed tight.  Someone broke the lock and went in to get some doughnuts - the inside of the shop looked like a fish bar.

It transpired that my husband had paid for hundreds of doughnuts but we had to escape with them as we had used the wrong entrance so everyone had to carry as many as they could.

I noticed that all I had on was an outfit made of ropes and lens caps and also I had become magnetic.

As I tried to escape with an armful of doughnuts, I had to make my way past other people but as I did, I kept being stuck to the walls because I was magnetic and the doughnuts were getting bashed about and all the grease and fat was leaking all over me and staining my ropes.

A man called Andrew (who in real life is a porter and a real jobs-worth) was chasing us to arrest us and everyone ran off fast but I kept being held up as the rope outfit started to fall off due to all the grease and I kept being pulled towards passing cars as they were metal.  I ended up stuck to a manhole cover and I decided I may as well eat all the doughnuts.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

I don't know why I keep dreaming about doctor who and small mammals... :-/

We were watching doctor who in a shed and the alien monsters looked like church organs. 

Before the end there was a knock at the door. We answered it and there were three mice with a suitcase wanting to move in. We said they couldn't so they said they'd try Nextdoor. We then felt guilty so we followed them to try to stop them and invite them in.  We walked for ages through woods and fields then came to Nextdoor's house to find the back door open and all three of our neighbours unconscious in the kitchen. When we looked back, we were in a row of terraced houses in pontypool next to my grandma's old house. 

We went through the kitchen into the rest of the house only to find it was a mental hospital.  The mice were there and said they'd tested us and we had passed, so we had to work in the mental hospital as nurses. 

There were three women that kept swapping beds. They said they were three generations of the same family but they all looked equally old. 

They all had huge White nightdresses on with wild grey hair and crumpled faces.  They all kept throwing up and we were constantly running around with bowls trying to make sure we got to all of them in time although it was hard as there were only two of us. 

I suddenly realised we were missing doctor who so I got cross and we both went home. We seemed to get back just by wanting to, as we were suddenly back in the shed just in time to see the credits. 

I got upset that we had missed the end but my husband pointed out that we had recorded it so could watch the end after all. For some reason this didn't stop me feeling angry so I decided to let the alien monster church organs out of the television to hunt the mice. 

My husband got cross because he said the programme was ruined for everyone now I'd taken the monsters out of it. I realised what I'd done and felt really guilty so I ran off into the woods crying. 

Monday, 23 May 2011


There was an escaped boy running on an iced (as in cake) road. I couldn't keep up with him so I ran to the garage to get my bike. 

Once in there some people stopped me. They said they were investigating my Dad and had to ask me questions. There were two cars parked in the garage and they asked me lots of questions about both before letting me go. 

By now I'd lost the escaped boy so I decided to head for a posh chocolate shop in Malvern.  I bumped into my Dad on the way so I was warning him about the investigation. 

He gave me money for a day out and told me not to worry. I realised we were on a railway platform so I got on a train. I ended up in Telford and I went to a girl's house to get ready. 

I sat there a while before realising I'd been sitting on an insect so I stood up then realised I had no knickers on. The girl looked in a drawer for replacement knickers but it was full of spoons and she decided a deep white plastic spoon would fit me as a replacement.  

It was time to go out and suddenly there were loads of us. There was an open top bus and I offered to sit outside as I didn't feel the cold. 

While we travelled, the other people on the bus were all blurred as if they were moving, along with the streets we drove through as the bus sped along. They became a rainbow blur as everything else seemed to be moving fast except me. 

I stared at the sky and cried. 

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Toilet theme...

We were in bed and we heard gunshots, so we looked outside to see a man running away from the rabbit shed carrying half a cow. 

We went to check the rabbits and luckily despite the fact someone had stolen their nest, they were fine, although one of them had turned orange. 

A man who turned out to be an investigator suddenly appeared. He asked who the cow belonged to and we said our neighbour. We tried to ring them but my phone set me puzzles and riddles to find the number, then the number kept moving when I tried to touch it on the screen. 

When I eventually got to ring no one answered.  It was very frustrating.

I spotted a Tesco bag with receipts and a framed photo in it, which turned out to be evidence but I ruined it by putting my fingerprints on it. 

I went off to find some toilets and there were 6 doors all in a row...3 marked ladies and 3 marked gents...but inside, all 6 doors led to just one room with two toilets (no cubicles). 

I went to sit on one, but I realised a woman in a wheelchair was reversing into me and pushed me off the toilet and trapped me in a corner while she used the loo. 

She wouldn't let me use the second (male) toilet because she said it was for disabled people and I shouldn't be there. 

I left the room and found myself in a dentist surgery where a person that kept changing from a woman to a man was strapped down in the dentist chair being threatened with sexual assault (but didn't seem to mind). 

There was quite an audience standing watching and they were all very matter of fact and just said Hi as I walked through. 

I came out into what looked like a huge makeshift car park (surface was gravel and pink dust), with lots of portakabins everywhere. There was a woman who said she was a 'gypsy culture princess' and she said we weren't allowed behind any of the portakabins due to cultural differences.   She went behind one, and another blonde woman stood in our way to stop us following.  

We managed to get past only to find the woman crouching down over hay......defecating. 

We looked a bit horrified, but our visible reaction really offended them and loads of people suddenly appeared, turned against us as being ignorant of their culture and chased us off shouting 'texi texi texi'. 

Saturday, 21 May 2011


Last night I dreamt I could see into the future and I saw that an old woman from next-door was going to get murdered. 

I therefore planned to stop it happening, but then I could see that I ended up getting murdered, so I changed my plan, but then could see she would still get murdered but I would be blamed. 

This clearly needed some thought so I came up with an elaborate plan. (The ability to see into the future seems to have disappeared at this point.....but it adds to the tension ;-)

The Nextdoor neighbour and I were separated by an alley between the houses. It was narrow stone with arches and plants growing up the Walls. Through her door, you had to walk down some steps to get to her living room

In her room it felt peaceful. It was quite dark, filled with old furniture, photos, books and memories with only the sound of a ticking clock. 

I quickly went to work. I had to hide autumn leaves in all the books beginning with S, hide rabbit fur under the cushions and engrave my car registration number on anything metal

Then I had to open three packets of offal and drip the blood on her white tablecloth in a symmetrical pattern.   I then had to lie on the floor under some knitting and wait. 

The murderers arrived, saw the things I'd done, especially the blood and were all set to run away but then they saw the offal I'd left out, realised it was a trick, saw me and came after me

I had to run so I ran upstairs which somehow led to the alley which came out in a german desert (!)

I knew I couldn't run if it was hot, so decided to give up but some gerbils let me hide in their burrow until nightfall. When I came out I was in soho but had no feet. :-/

Merry Christmas...

From Thursday night...

I was off to my team Christmas meal/outing and I chose the most bizarre outfit. For anyone that knows me in real life please be warned that the image that may be conjured up in your mind's eye after the following description, may cause permanent trauma so you may (wisely) choose to skip the next paragraph!

I wore a bright pink strappy top with a White, pink and green flowery MINI skirt!  It was too loose, so the whole outfit was topped off by a 'waist' clinching bright pink plastic belt!   

In the dream I was a bit unsure of the outfit but seemed oblivious as to the full horrible inappropriateness of it!

We went to room K but a woman told us that she'd double booked and we had to go. It was only then, that I noticed there was a Christmas tree and decorations in the room so I argued we should stay, as who else would want a Christmas room in May?

She was determined we should go, so she ushered us off with the promise of a better room. Every time we tried another room it was no good. Either it was too big, too small, full of people or sometimes it was a canteen, a zoo or a bed showroom. 

I started to get really agitated and pushed the woman up against a wall staring her in the eye and shouting. She said I had 'sexless, go to your own bed' eyes and that I'd scared her. I said good. 

One person on the team was trying to calm me down and reassure me. 

She finally took us to a lift which I didn't think we'd all get in but we did. It came out on the top of the roof which was actually the top of a cliff then she ran off and left us there. 

Thursday, 19 May 2011


I have to say....I'm boring myself with these now! :-/

But that doesn't mean I am going to stop! ;-)

Um... :-/

I was back at school and a boy that kept changing his face did a sponsored grape distribution for charity.  He stopped me as I drove past to question why I wouldn't take a grape. I said I'd already had one on foot but he said all modes of transport needed one and made me eat two.

He was delighted as this now meant he had banished homelessness but when he walked off I spat them out. 

I made my way to my flat which I knew had a large round invisible sadness in it.  
Once inside I looked out. I was high up in the building which was also elevated in a village. I was complaining to my friend (A) how sad I was but then I saw another friend (R) making his way to me with a carrier bag. He arrived and showed me that he had a 'game set computer mask' for me.

I knew it was a big deal for him to lend me this and that it was precious to him but I had no idea what it was. It looked like a pretend cheap thin plastic computer keyboard with a wire going to a small box.

I then realised the the keyboard had a lid and under it were everlasting self replicating chocolates!  I felt very chuffed.

I then realised that there was a vet in my bedroom judging a horse competition, so I went to get my rabbit which was ill. The vet realised his bum was swollen so he squeezed it and a huge poo the size of a tennis ball came out. After that I was in bed with my husband and the rabbit and I had to cwtch him (the rabbit!) even though he was biting me. I let him walk around a bit and there were hundreds of poos which I could barely keep up with scooping up.

In a separate part of the dream I was observing screeching women fighting over a rack of school blouses in a shop. I realised I had a lovely blouse on that they wanted and had to escape using a clothes rack on wheels and a long window opening stick/hook to wheel myself around the shop. I then realised my legs were welded to the rack and that I would need to find a job where no one would mind, so I decided to become the shop's lift (elevator).

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Coming up in tonight's dream...

This was a first for me....I had previews of part of the dream over and over like an annoying TV programme.  The preview was of the Dad's Army cast walking through my old school coal storage yard and one of them putting his arm almost into a spinning blade.  This image seemed to appear over and over throughout the rest of the dream.

I was on a bus travelling with my white rabbit which in the dream was my baby.  Sometimes she was in a pet carrier and sometimes she was in my arms as a baby would be.  She kept running around annoying people and I could tell that no one thought I was a fit mother.

I was sat next to a woman who kept pointing out a man at the back of the bus that kept winking at me and I announced too loudly that he was a creep but I was smiling because in reality I was flattered.  In the end I was thrown off the bus for annoying everyone.

I found myself at the bottom of a quarry and realised I had left both the baby/rabbit on the bus and my bag. All I had was my phone in one pocket and a dusty credit card in the other.  I started to walk along the bottom of the quarry and I spotted various members of my family.  My uncle was there using a weird looking purple plastic laptop computer.  He avoided looking at me and pretended to be on the phone.

I noticed that whenever I looked at anyone else they disappeared so I carried on until my Uncle sighed and offered his hand to pull me out of the quarry.  He told me that was all I was getting and I was on my own now.

I found my way to a doctor's surgery and decided I should go in.  I heard a man walking quickly behind me and thought about speeding up to get in the queue to see the doctor before him but in the end I couldn't be bothered.  As he passed me I noticed he was carrying a tree trunk which he then dropped.  I decided then that I might as well make the effort to get in before him but he still beat me.  There were about 100,000 people waiting to see the doctor so I decided not to bother.

Instead I found my way to the White Hart pub in Fernhill Heath which was opposite the Rovers Return in Coronation Street.  It turned out that the Rovers Return was closed so everyone had come to the White Hart.  As I walked in I saw many people that I knew from all different times and places throughout my life.  I was aware that I was looking a mess and didn't have the right trousers on so I felt embarrassed and tried to say hello without showing my face.

A woman tapped me on the shoulder and showed me that she had a loose thread from my blouse.  She pulled it and passed it on to the next person who passed it on again.  It was passed around everyone in the pub as it slowly unravelled and I realised with horror that my bra was made of leftovers and I had a secret code on my back that no one was meant to see.

I ran out and found myself in my old school yard where I saw the Dad's Army cast walking through the old coal storage yard heading for this spinning blade which was similar to a ceiling fan but more vicious and without a ceiling.  One of them got his arm and his leg chopped off by the spinning thing which then proceeded to fall on his head and kill him.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

This one really was weird, wacky and wonderful...

I was in Boots (the chemist, not the footwear!) on the first floor near the pharmacy, but you had to cross a bridge to get to the counter and the people serving were unfriendly.  There was a young woman with her boyfriend who was crying as she had an ailment and needed medicine but was scared to go to the counter to ask.

She produced three huge white pebble shaped soft mushroomy lumps out of her body and said she was desperate to get better.  I said that I had the same ailment so we would go together.  

We went to the counter but they said that we had to speak to the board of directors about it and tried to point us to the right room.  The whole shop was then a cross between a huge official building and an old church.  There were security guards everywhere giving us dirty looks as we walked up and down stairs that never got us anywhere.  I found an offshoot that seemed to go somewhere different and called the woman to come with me.

We went into a huge posh boardroom with lots of wood panelling and saw a man behind a desk.  He said he was too busy to see us and what did we want?  We told him we needed medicine and he laughed at us so I threw an egg at him and we both ran off.

I found a trolley so I put the woman in the trolley and ran as fast as I could into the car park.  Then my phone rang and it was a Councillor shouting at me about the withdrawal of tax credits and child benefits.  She was really angry and ranting and I tried to tell her that I wasn’t at work, that it was my day off and that those things were nothing to do with me anyway, but I was trying to be polite because I felt scared I would get sacked.

I couldn’t get her off the phone so I sat down on a settee that was there and noticed I was naked, so I pulled a blanket over me.  My husband was already under the blanket and he started to snuggle up to me .  I dropped the phone and watched the other woman drive off in a stolen minibus.

I ran after her but couldn’t keep up so ended up up going into a house to hide behind the blinds which were made of cheese.

I found a lovely green and cream victorian style dress which I had to lace myself into.  When it was on it made me look like I had a nice figure and I loved it.  I started to jump up and down because I was so pleased and I noticed that the dress let me jump higher and more slowly than usual so I could do all sorts of mid air acrobatics.

The combination of swirling around, jumping really high and having a small waist gave me an amazing feeling and I realised I had fallen in love with the dress and needed to steal it.  I looked through the blinds and the mini bus was there with my husband, the angry councillor, the young woman and the man I threw an egg at.

I tried to escape through the back door, but I realised I was in Norfolk on the edge of the land and that the cliff was crumbling away.  I knew the house was going to fall over the cliff so I ran upstairs because I knew that Bristol was in the attic.

Monday, 16 May 2011

M's village

My friend (M) owned a small village and I was going to visit him.  He was busy so I waited and helped out in an ice cream shop.  After a while he popped in to say hello and told me to come with him.

He took me to a room behind a Post Office and asked me to help him by wrapping a parcel.  I got so far, then I needed to check whether he wanted to include a note at all so I turned to ask him but he had gone.

I put the parcel down on top of some brown paper and next to some Sellotape.  I was very careful to place it down very neatly.  I went off for a wander and I saw M in the distance but he was older than himself and was busy talking to people.  He was wearing an odd coat that looked like it was made of inside-out old flags.

I decided to investigate the village so I walked around the corner to look in some shops and I noticed that all the money in the village had M’s photo on it but in the shape of an egg timer.  There was a jeweller’s shop which seemed to only sell dresses made of sequins.  A woman came out looking very pleased with herself.  She told me that her boss was the jeweller and that he had given her the dress she was wearing (it was a mini dress made of sequins in the pattern of the Union Flag).

Then another woman came out wearing a slightly paler version of the same dress.  Neither of them looked happy and they started fighting.  As they fought, the piece of ground they were on rose up, turned into a piece of a staircase and gradually disappeared out of sight.  It looked like a ghostly piece of escalator with no ends, just a middle.

I went back around the corner into a little arcade.  M was still there but was walking towards me.  He kissed my neck and whispered to me that if I wanted later on, he had plans for me for a couple of hours.  

He took me back to the room behind the Post Office and I was about to carry on with the parcel while he was fiddling with the computer but he got cross because he couldn’t view his friend (V’s) blip because it was attached to my friend’s name (R).

I offered to look at it and boasted that I was very good at solving problems like this, but when I turned back to the computer, I got a sarcastic keyboard message and couldn’t unlock a code.

I felt very silly then and M had to unlock it for me although I did solve the problem with the blip and we both looked at the photo which turned out to be a display of white things that weren’t actually white including tiles made of patchwork towels.

Then M disappeared again so I decided to go back to the ice cream shop but when I got there it had been burgled and sterilised and was completely empty and bare.  There were a few of us stood there and we decided that we may as well go home.  There was torrential rain outside and everything was suddenly made of glass.  I didn’t have a coat so I ended up using an artificial pot plant as a hat.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Too random for a title...

I was in a hotel room and it was 'day two' so I decided to stay in all day. I discovered that by jumping around and dancing on the bed, the webcam on the television made a recording of me but  in a different place and looking a lot better and thinner than in real life. 

Once I discovered this I really wanted to do it properly but I kept getting interrupted by people knocking at the door including a man with the wrong sized TV stand and my mother offering porridge. 

When I got back into the room it was all topsy turvy and I couldn't find the right position to make it work again. I felt very frustrated. 

The Doctor (Doctor Who) was there with Amy and Rory.  Rory had information about Einstein which he'd stored in a doormat and The Doctor said it was wrong so they urgently had to go back in time to tell Einstein the right thing or the world would go wrong.

  I got fed up and went out. 

I was in a car with a friend who was a cross between two friends (JL and AB). She made me look after an ice cream and a coin while we travelled. It was tricky as there seemed to be a lot of hair pin bends 

We parked attached to an ice cream van which turned into a shop when we got out

I had an ice cream already but was persuaded to have another. It turned out that as it was out of season they only had two flavours. Swirly seldom and transistor. 

I chose transistor as it was blue and she warned me it was made of water. As I ate it I became aware that I had won a goat. 

I was then walking along with three friends including Rachel but we bumped into another Rachel. I was delighted as I hadn't seen her in years, shouted out to her and introduced her to my friends including herself

I went off with the new Rachel and she turned the weather snowy so she could tell me about my parents with the right amount of seriousness.  She said every time she saw them they were less able to hold her hand. 

I was then discussing with someone which was the best year to go back to for snow when I realised we had already travelled back to 1975 as I could see my two year old sister in a cardboard box. 

Thursday, 12 May 2011

An event in Pontypool / Cardiff / London...

I was at a party in my late Grandma's kitchen.  I only had a top on, but it came down to my knees.  Another girl there had a short cream skirt on.  She took it off and offered it to me to see if it fitted.  It was about 12 foot long (widthways) and so it wound around and around me, but the hooks and eyes didn't line up so it didn't fit.

Everyone was dancing around the kitchen all the time including a little red car and it all made me feel a bit dizzy and sick.

I realised I was actually asleep and had better wake up so I did and realised with horror and complete surprise that it was 12.34pm and I was very late for something.  I walked to a pub.  There were people everywhere and I had to fight to get in.  It was clear there was some big sporting event which I sensed was to do with Rugby and play offs.

My parents were inside and greeted me but told me off for being late and sent me to get dressed.  

I asked where I was staying/sleeping that night and no one seemed to know.  I ended up being pointed to the end mattress in a row of four on the floor in a room which wasn't really a room as it was open to the pub (which was huge, white and empty when viewed from that direction).  I wasn't happy with it, as it had dogs in it and I said if I slept near dogs all night, my lungs would stop working.

I got dressed anyway and went to explore the building I was in, which was by now a cross between City Hall in Cardiff and the BBC's main building in London.  I overheard my uncle telling someone he had written some music which was going to be featured on CBBC so I joined in the conversation and told him I knew someone that worked at the BBC, but he told me I was lying and said he didn't want to speak to me.

I shrugged this off and went to explore the building.  I could hear someone playing chopsticks over and over again so I found my way down some stairs to them only to find it was Gaby Roslin who had been put there as a job and wasn't allowed out.  

I went back upstairs where a posh woman was shouting for the piano playing to stop, as the vibration was making the jewels loosen in her tiara.  I told the woman off and she said she didn't think that Welsh people were even allowed at the BBC and that she would complain about it.

I decided to go home as I could see a short cut which was just a field with a gate - I could see our house on the other side.  Someone else asked me to give them a lift but I explained I was walking.  They said how could I walk that far so I pointed to the house and they laughed at me and started to walk towards it to demonstrate that the road was folded up and as you walked on it, it unfolded to its normal length making the house further and further away.  As it unfolded I could see all the different types of weather which had been hidden in the folds.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Just plain mad!

I was visiting someone in an irritating bungalow. I'd parked both my mini and my washing machine outside.

While inside there was a lot of discussion about who ws sleeping in which bed and the fairest way to share blankets out. Somehow as a result of this conflab I lost a sock, but as I didn't wear socks I'd actually gained one.

I put it on to go outside where an excited woman showed me the view she almost had from a balcony. It was obliterated by a huge building opposite. While there she invited me to take as many tiles as I could so she held the wall apart while I took a tile from various places.

I had to leave then and I realised the washing machine wouldn't fit into the mini but the woman said she'd go and get it and put it in a bag for me. I told her it was too heavy but she frowned at me for being stupid.

We then saw a group of children stealing the washing machine and running off down the road with it. We ran after them and they ran into one of the houses so we banged on the door but they wouldn't let us in.

I said I'd call the police but first my phone wouldn't dial the right number and then when I got through I realised I couldn't remember where I was or pronounce any words. Despite this they sent me a photograph of a policeman and luckily this, along with a lie that the washing machine had sentimental value as it had belonged to my late Grandma, was enough to get them to give it back

When I looked inside I realised I'd left next Tuesday's weather in there and it had started to smell of bacon.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

I do wonder if anyone reads all this rubbish. And if so....why!? ;-/


I was in a town centre somewhere. There was someone I wanted to talk to but I couldn't because we were never on the same lines.

The road was covered in thick solid salt. It felt like compacted snow to wak on but less cold and slippy. It was crunchy underfoot.

You could only move along predetermined lines but there was no way of knowing where the lines were. You just had to walk to see. You couldn't make eye contact with anyone not on the same lines but you could see them.

The lines didn't take you far. Just back and fore on a slightly adjusted route each time over the same bit of road. Over and over again.

I could see the person I wanted to catch up with but they never looked my way. I decided if they walked and I ran I'd eventually catch up so I ran and ran back and fore in the salt encrusted road. Sometimes dodging traffic. Sometimes seeing the person but they never looked my way. In the end I saw them disappear into a bookshop and I knew I was too late.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Life is just a game...

I had to win a game by managing to solve a series of challenges.  The goal was to turn up at Virgin Megastore in a mystery city by 8pm with all the evidence of the challenges being succeeded.

The tools I was given that I would need was a steam powered vacuum cleaner, two empty suitcases and a parrot.

I missed the bus because I wasn't wearing socks so I had to walk.  I didn't know where I was going so I stopped a man walking a woollen dog, to borrow a dictionary.  I then looked up directions to three factories and picked the one that was pebble-dashed with smarties.

When I got to the factory I was wearing a hat which said 'evacuee' on it and I had put one suitcase inside the other and was dragging them behind me by suction from the vacuum cleaner.

I had to break into the factory which was also a hospital and a castle and in the kitchens I stole as much food as I could.  I then ran as fast as I could to the Virgin Megastore which turned out to be in Sherwood Forest, but I failed the challenge because I was two hours early.

As a punishment I was told that I would not be allowed to return to real life and would be forced to stay inside my own dreams forever.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Mirror, mirror, on the shed...

A phone number of a friend (M) appeared in my living room floating in the air. I touched it and was connected to him and we started talking. He asked me to meet him behind the shed so I agreed and walked out into my garden, behind the shed.

Behind the shed I found a full length mirror so I looked into it then reached to touch it and the surfaced rippled like water...although it was dry. My arm went through the surface so I stepped through to find myself behind my friend's shed. He was there so we had a lovely hug and a nice chat before I had to dash back as my tea was going cold.

It was short and simple, but was a feel good dream with a warm feeling :-)

Saturday, 7 May 2011

New house?

I was watching a TV programme about buying and building houses. The subject of the programme couldn't afford the whole house so they just bought three rooms which they pushed over to separate them from the rest of the house.

The presenter explained with computer graphics, how the rooms would be horizontally split to make more rooms with low ceilings, then new rooms built around it to make it back into a complete house but retaining character!

Then I received an anonymous note which when unfolded allowed you to see real life events. A girl from work had been talking about me behind my back. Specifically she was ridiculing a lump on my finger and commenting that I had smelly feet.

I kept mentioning things to her getting less and less subtle until she realised I'd somehow heard her and sort of apologised :-/

To make up for it a load of people came to look round my house which was the house that had been on the TV programme.

The first few rooms were bare, tatty and clearly from an older house. The rest of the rooms were very random. It was a huge house with escalators in it. Many of the bedrooms had open plan kitchens in them, the halls and landings had beds and right in the centre, visible from everywhere else in the house, was a huge round brown and gold ornate bathroom.

There were sunken glass Walls which could be raised up by pressing a button and there were pink web threads which were meant to act as privacy curtains but failed.

Everyone hated the house for being too traditional and as everyone left I noticed the council was building a helter skelter around the outside of the house which was for customers to collect their takeaway doughnuts.

Friday, 6 May 2011


We (myself and unknown other) were trying to escape someone. We were driving around the outskirts of Worcester I think although it was definitely somewhere that had been on Doctor Who.

We kept ending up going the wrong way on one way streets and also kept having to turn around in bus stops. We also found that if we slowed down and lost momentum it was hard to start again unless I rubbed the road first.

We stopped at a library but upstairs it had a cramped old shop. I discovered a magnificent looking cake. It was made out of spirals of sugar glazed puff pastry, fresh whipped cream and marmalade all put together in a very elaborate ornate fashion.

It was £3.13 and I bought it for £5.73 :-/

We got trapped in a lane in Cardiff and had to fight off some tramps by firing thick chunks of marmalade peel at them using a bow tie as a catapult.

In a separate part of the dream I had to cycle on a busy four lane road with a naked bum and dodgy steering. :-(

Thursday, 5 May 2011

House to House...

I dreamt my husband and I were invited to an Indian couple's house for a meal. The house was in a cul-de-sac up a lot of steps.

We sat at their table waiting for food to be served when the woman explained that her husband had turned into his father and the three children were about to receive discipline. Tradition did not allow strangers to be present so we were asked to finish our meals in the downstairs loo.

Afterwards, we sat in the living room until the man came in and told us he had to drive us home. When we got in the car he asked us if we had our own seatbelts with us. He was very angry that we didn't but let us use the ones in the car.

His driving was terrifying. He drove straight over the middle of roundabouts, on pavements and up and down stairs. He eventually dropped us off back at the same house we'd been at but in a different year.

We were back in the same living room but the house was dark and empty.

We had a discussion about which of us should now drive home, as we had both been drinking. We decided I'd had less guilty drinks, which were also paler, so therefore I should drive; but then we realised the car was blue, so in the end, he had to.

For some reason I was watching him drive on television. He was being chased by clocks and he was low on fuel. It was tense as to whether he'd get there before running out.  In the end he was just a few metres short and a load of mechanics came out to shout at him.

Luckily we realised we could walk home by jumping on the yolks of giant fried eggs that had grown under the snow.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Short one this time. I dreamt that we could only speak by picking words out of the sky above us first. 

And that's basically it. :-/

Monday, 2 May 2011

Feelings of frustration, rejection, inadequacy and failure coming through loud and clear...

There was some big event and people were gathering to watch it in an outdoor pub. I'd got there early to get a good spot and I was playing some sort of gambling game by placing pennies on discs. A woman announced that there were orange cream chocolate cups for the girls, so I went to get mine, only to find they didn't mean me. Everyone gave me a filthy look and told me I'd never be one of the girls.

I felt sad and decided to leave with my Dad and Sister. She said it was the last ever journey in her old car and pointed to the scrap yard where the old one was going. We then crashed into a van which was parked right in the middle of the road.

We went into a factory to shout at people but it was a school and we had to get around by pretending to ice skate along the corridors.

I was given a bike but it had a weighing scales pan instead of a mud guard, so I tried to order one off eBay but my tape measure wouldn't go above 2 inches, so I couldn't work out the right size.

I was forced to stand looking in the mirror at my ugly face while everyone walked past telling me I was a failure.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Rabbits and relations...

I was with my Dad and my brother, but my brother was a stranger to my dad and a different nationality (and I don't actually have a brother). They were arguing over rugby. I really wanted to speak to them but I knew I'd annoyed them earlier so I was scared to email them (for some reason it had to be email),  in case it was unwelcome. I was frantically looking through old newspapers to find out if it would be ok to contact them or not.

But then a huge silver rocket crashed into a shop on a small high street of some village. I knew my rabbits were just next door to the shop so rushed to check them.

Their area had expanded and now included an allotment, a shoe shop and a dog pound. There were lots of extra rabbits and they'd all swapped fur so it was hard to find ours. The perimeter was damaged so I was rushing round with parcel tape trying to repair it.

Some rabbits had lost fur which I tried to repair with newspaper cuttings. Then the armed police said they had to shoot me because I had a wasps' nest in my hair and it was lucky no one cared about me as it would save the government money on a coffin.