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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A fantasy adventure...

It has been AGES I know and I doubt anyone drops by to read this anymore but following a few nights with horrible disturbing dreams, last night’s was so welcome as it was truly wonderful, magical and almost like dreaming a fantasy film!  So I just had to blog it!
I met up with a friend (Arty) on a bridge over a motorway somewhere.  It was grey and cold - the both of us even looked grey.
He had brought with him a bag of sweets that were like a cross between chocolate buttons and those flying saucer sweets with sherbet in the middle.  They glowed too, so when he opened the bag, a wonderful golden light shone out and lit up our faces as we looked down at the contents of the bag.  The contents looked almost like they were semi cartoons and they sparkled like stars.
We each took one of the sweets, put it under each others’ tongues and held hands tightly, as it felt like we were sucked up from earth and transported up into space, the coldness and sensation was unpleasant at first, but as the blue sky changed into darkness and the earth got further and further away, we were surrounded by star encrusted darkness and it felt warm, safe and like we were floating.
We each got one wish and so in turn we silently wished, then waited as we were swept away to a distant planet.  Once on the planet, it was like we were waking up.  The first planet was a secluded beach.  Warm with gentle waves, so clean and so beautiful.
We walked hand in hand to a cave in the cliffs which was set up like the inside of a country cottage with a fire, which despite the warmth outside, was most welcome.  There was a grandfather clock ticking loudly and a bird which seemed to live in the room but had no cage - I think it was a Goldcrest. :) 
We sat and drank tea out of red woollen cups (?!) in front of the fire then ran out on to the beach hand in hand - we both seemed to be able to run without was more like flying really.  We ended up lying on the beach and then comes the X rated bit ;-)  I will leave that to your (I am sure more than adequate) imagination!
Afterwards, as we lay on the sand cuddled up together, we were suddenly sucked up into space again, floating past the moon (inexplicably there were a lot of crows flying around there).  
Once again then, we felt we were being taken to a different planet and we woke up inside an igloo but wrapped up warm in fur coats, hats and boots!  We went outside, once again hand in hand and it was as though we were in a huge factory made entirely of ice and snow with penguins waddling around making autumnal trees.  Although the trees were the right colour.....gorgeous golds and reds.....they were also made of ice and sparkled, making them even more beautiful than usual.
We both got in a boat that seemed to be on smooth water, although it was actually ice and we set sail out of the factory and on to a river which again.....felt like water but was in fact ice.  If you looked down you could see through the ice to a whole civilisation below where people, animals birds and fish all seemed to co-exist in the same environment.
There was enchanting music playing and I suddenly noticed that it was dark, we were in a forest of the beautiful sparkling, glowing autumn ice trees and we had a fire lit on the boat with us, keeping us warm as we snuggled together.
I often dream an emotion and can wake up crying or giggling my head off (shaking the bed sometimes), and at this point in the dream I felt the most incredible love, happiness and contentment.  We snuggled closer and closer, never feeling close enough.... before being sucked up again into space but this time we were tied to kitchen chairs and we got separated.  I watched Arty on his chair disappear further and further into the distance but I knew that there were lots of the magical sweets left in the bag so didn’t feel too sad as I understood there were more adventures to come.
My chair hurtled towards earth and I had that horrible lurching, falling feeling just before waking up!  
And that was my night - how was yours!? ;-)