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Sunday, 31 July 2011


Oh dear another marathon dreaming session!

Right all started with me driving my friend Jules in my Austin Mini.  We were lost somewhere in the West Country, trying to find Bath.  I would be driving along on a normal road and the surroundings would suddenly dissolve around me and turn into a place that was all isolated and weed infested and looked like a disused airfield.

In the end, I remembered that I had an app on my phone which allowed me to locate other Mini drivers to ask directions.  Following directions from the app, I found a street which was solely occupied by Mini drivers (the old classic Minis) and they were the only cars parked there...there were dozens of them.  I realised that I actually was in Bath anyway so I just parked next to them.

We went to a pub and while I was at the bar a man was chatting my friend up.  He kept looking at me and called me her guard dog! I made a mental note to get annoyed with him later on, then went to order my drink, only to realise that the barman was Gwyn, except he had a rainbow instead of a face!

He asked me if I wanted some drugs.  I didn't think I did, but I said yes because I thought it would make me look cool(!)

The next thing I remember, I was sat on the floor attached to Gwyn's leg.  I was also aware that I would be having sex with him later on and that also there was some sort of orgy arranged which I was being paid £45 for!

I looked up at him and he still had a rainbow for a face.  I tried to stand up but I was completely attached to his leg.  

I noticed that there were lots of women dancing and as they danced they were taking their clothes off.  Unfortunately for the men there, they were not fit young women, but very elderly women.  It was much more like a disco at an OAP naturist gathering, than anything remotely erotic.

That dream seems to end there and in a separate dream, I was queuing up to go to weight-watchers in a shed, in a car park somewhere and there was also a queue for slimming world.  I kept swapping queues and I got all confused and upset and didn't know what to do, so I ran away and ended up walking down a never ending road in a desert.  There was a child there who kept telling me to ask it (don't know if it was a girl or a boy) questions to test it for a quiz or an exam.

I was getting annoyed that I couldn't think of enough questions and just wanted to be left alone really, so I picked up a rock and found 1972 under it.  I jumped in and went to Pearce's shop, to ask for tinza beer.  I was clutching a sixpence in my hand and it made me happy.

Is it just me or are they getting weirder?!

Saturday, 30 July 2011

I think this is the weirdest yet!

I lived in a very small, messy flat. More like a cupboard under the stairs really. Only one person could be in there at a time. 

Two men who lived in a plush expensive apartment nearby, were having an argument with someone on their television. To win the argument and prove a point they had to fry some turkey :-/

Apparently they didn't understand the concept of frying turkey (?) so they mentioned it in passing to me and were delighted that I said I could do it. 

One of them was in my flat, so no one else could get in and I had to shout directions. 

He came out with a lopsided deep fat fryer, an iron and a drum kit. 

It somehow transpired that I was responsible for paying for food for all three of us. I explained that my take home pay was £120 a week and they earned £115,000 a year between how was it fair?

The one bloke just said that if I didn't pay they'd starve and pretended to eat something out of a bin. 

At some point shortly after that I realised that I was a ghost and that only this one random bloke could see me. 

But he could only see me if I sat opposite him and held up a large piece of cardboard in front of him with a drawing of what was behind ME on it. Also there had to be a back to front clock in the picture. 

This seemed easily achieved (!) and together we played tricks on people in church. The main trick seemed to involve separating people's Christmas presents between 'sticky stationery' and everything else!!  

Another was making time go backwards but I could only do this at five past eight :-/

Eventually I was sussed and thrown out by hymn number 777!  

I blame the vodka. 

Friday, 29 July 2011

So THAT'S what it feels like to be popular! ;-)

There was definitely more to this dream than I can recollect, but these are (fairly obviously) the bits I can remember!

I was walking along and saw a beautiful field full of golden coloured crops, but with paths mown into it. I was aware that this was somewhere my friends and I came to regularly. 

I went into the field and started to run for the sheer joy of running. It was a beautiful day and I felt really happy. I was aware of a landrover pulling up but thought nothing of it. 

I was running fast, totally enjoying it but the man in the landrover shouted at me so I stopped. He asked me what I thought I was doing. I felt entirely innocent and just replied that I was running. He looked cross and asked me if I thought I had a right to be there. 

I seemed to find the question perplexing in some way but I shrugged and said yes I did. I thought the mown paths were rights of way. I added that I never did any damage. 

He shouted that it was his land and that I wasn't allowed on it. 

I happily said ok, that I hadn't realised, that I was sorry and started to walk off. He looked crosser and asked me if that was it?  I smiled and asked what else he wanted?

He seemed not to really know and just told me he was a lord. I didn't find this remotely interesting so I smiled again and said 'ok....bye then' and walked away. 

He started to follow me and I remember thinking this was slightly irksome but it didn't bother me unduly. 

I walked through a town, stopping in a Market to buy various items. I seemed unstoppably cheerful and every little thing seemed to delight me!

The man continued to follow me but I just ignored him. 

I got to a party. Everyone there seemed really pleased to see me and was glad I was there. 

I settled in with a drink and was chatting away when someone brought over three bras that I'd picked/ordered. It was some sort of underwear party. 

Two looked ok but one looked ridiculously small. Almost like a child's bra! I held it against my left breast and it was clear that the material from the whole bra would struggle to cover half of one breast. 

Everyone found it hilarious except the girl who had placed the order, who was a bit embarrassed and was trying to make it fit...this made everyone laugh even more. 

A few of us were in a bedroom getting changed and one girl asked who the bloke was that was following me around. I explained he appeared to be a stalker and was also a lord. 

Everyone seemed a bit impressed by that so I left them all to it and decided to go to a different party. 

As I walked from one to another I passed through a school. A load of schoolboys shouted something as I walked by so I pulled 50p out of my bra and told them I'd give it to anyone that could spell 'definitely' properly. 

Some said it was too hard. One got it right but looked it up in a dictionary. I said that it wasn't really in the spirit of things but he'd used initiative so gave him the 50p (last of the big spenders)!

As I left I told them all they should never use an 'a' as it was definitely not definately!!

I left feeling I'd done sone good(!?)

The next party was a family party. It was a bit raucous and out of hand. A lot of people were arguing and stumbling about drunk and breaking things. 

My auntie (whose house it was in) looked upset but didn't say anything. She said she didn't like to. 

My recollection is a bit sketchy here but the next thing I remember is picking up lots of broken glass, telling her she should have used plastic ones and comforting her because someone had broken the tiles on a table

The final bit I can remember is being back in the Market looking everywhere for matching tiles for my auntie and noticing the man was still following me. I could somehow tell he was besotted with me but I was more interested in tiles and continued to ignore him. 

And that's all I can remember although I'm convinced there's more. I vaguely remember being touched a lot! Ah well if it comes back to me.....

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Beware of sarcastic vets!

I didn't remember my dream for quite a while after I first woke up today, but it all came flooding back when I turned over and ended up with a hairbrush sticking in my back. :-/

Very strange what can trigger the memory, to say the least!

It feels to me as if I had two dreams interwoven with each other. I can't explain it better than that I'm afraid. 

One was very simple. I was desperate to get a good blip photo so I just took photos of anything and everything as often as I could. I remember for instance taking a photo of the back of my teeth, up inside a tap and the sole of someone's shoe (and I wonder why my photos are so crap)!!

This went on throughout the other dream, but felt very separate. 

The other dream is also not overly long or involved. We (my husband and I), were in a large hall, queuing up along with many others, to see one of two vets on duty. 

Both vets were sat on the floor and it became clear that one was lovely and the other was abrupt, insulting and sarcastic. 

Everyone wanted the nice one of course and I waited apprehensively wondering which we'd get!

The horrible one was dealing with a giant tortoise. The owner wanted to know how old it was and obviously loved the creature but the vet cut its head off and told her to count the rings!

It was my turn but there was no way I was taking my bunnies to that vet!  He said the waiting area for the nice one was over there and pointed to a settee. 

I sat on the floor as the settee was full and noticed a puppy. It was tiny, very well behaved and looked a bit sad so I picked it up and gave it a cwtch. 

It seemed to really like being in my hand so I showed how cute he was to everyone before he jumped behind the settee. 

I then sat on the settee and leant back. It felt incredibly comfortable and I almost fell asleep. 

Then I suddenly realised I was sitting on a man!!  I sat forward and apologised for leaning on him but he said he didn't mind! 

So I stayed there and we chatted about the nasty vet. He told me the vet wasn't actually human and sure enough when I looked over at him I realised the vet was actually a sarcastic fringe-head fish. :-/ realistic as ever then! ;-)

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

I really enjoyed this one!

In the first part of the dream I was wandering around trying to get a decent photo. I had learnt to fiddle correctly with my camera and had a tripod and was trying to get a photo of water looking all soft like fog :-/ or a photo of myself with this soft water coming out of my face! 

I seemed to be wandering mainly near sinks and splashing water around a lot but never succeeding. 

Then I was in a place that was a cottage hospital I think. Richard was there. He was staying there but he was in a large waiting room rather than a ward and I had no awareness of him being ill. 

We had a conversation about his father and his fondness for particular blankets which were folded up next to where Richard was sitting.  One was multicoloured and mainly dark red, the other a pale yellow colour. 

Two women arrived to take me off with them to see Richard's dad. One was his sister and one was a family friend called Angela. 

Angela was a very loud over enthusiastic woman. They couldn't wait to get me away from Richard. I picked up the two blankets one by one asking if I should bring them with me but they laughed at me for such a silly suggestion. 

As we got into a large covered car park I realised my car was in a different car park outside. They wanted me to leave it and I wasn't 100% sure it was locked so I was leaning and stretching into all-shapes trying to see it through two windows and get it to lock by pressing the key. 

In the end I could just see that it jolted and I took it to be locked. 

Angela was telling me about a wonder diet she had invented. Apparently she could lose as much as she wanted each week but had decided two to three pounds was ok. 

The indoor car park was filling up and Angela was giving out books about her diet. It was called 'one a day' and I was impressed she had a proper glossy looking hard back book!

While people were milling about waiting for Angela to give a talk on her diet I was riding my bike in a very extreme way. I was cycling fast towards people then stopping just in time and was skidding and randomly weaving my way around people. 

A few people looked a bit nervous but no one seemed to get too cross. 

The bike somehow turned into a swing but a swing without a fixed bit at the top. I could swing all over the place in all directions. 

I was really enjoying the swinging and like the cycling, I was getting very close to people and only just missing them. I swung high and fast getting between small gaps, changing angles and the length of the rope at will. 

I was totally enjoying it. It was energetic but exhilarating and a bit dangerous.  I somehow knew that no one else there would be able to have the same control of the swing or dare to go so high and so close.  

I finally let it rest when Angela started to speak about her miracle diet but sadly I woke up before I could find out what it was! :-( 

I want a swing now!! :-D

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Carrots, cannibalism and chaos (or also known as WTF?)!

Oh good grief where do I start?  Surely I mustn't have had any rest at all with this lot going on in my head?

The first bit was where myself and a load of others were kept as prisoners in a grassy area, inside a castle. 

We had to live off grass and human body parts and it seemed perfectly normal to see people picking up a human arm or leg and just eating it!  I should add that the body parts were still clothed including things like wrist watches!

Then...a long haired man whispered to me that he had secretly been growing carrots. He walked up to one of the guards, whipped out a carrot and waved it in front of his face! 

It turned out that carrots were the key and we were all set free! 

So....I woke up and returned to sleep only to get this little lot...

I was in a house with 'my husband' but it wasn't actually my real husband. The sound of a Tesco delivery van beeping outside woke me up and I was annoyed because we hadn't ordered anything. 

When I woke up properly it turned out I'd been sleeping in a shopping trolley in Asda with my husband pushing me around. 

A number of bitchy women made comments about me being lazy but when I explained we slept in shifts, they apologised(?)!

I got up and drove us to my mother's house in my mini. I drove like a lunatic to get there. 

Once there, my sister was there too and we started to talk about Christmas. My mother had previously joked sarcastically (in the dream), that she wanted a Sopranos box set for Christmas so I was winding her up by pretending I had taken her comment at face value and saying I'd got it for her. 

I managed to keep a straight face so both my mother and sister believed me and in my head I was planning to wrap something the same shape. I could see my mother looked worried and my sister thought it was hysterical. 

Everyone wanted to go shopping that afternoon so I decided to drive the mini home and swap it for a bigger car (Gwyn's new car I think)!

It was a long way, but I set off and it was somewhere in the middle of Ronkswood (an area of Worcester), that I noticed I'd lost my mini and was now on a bicycle :-/

I was also lost. I turned into 'Ty Fry Gardens' but it was a dead end and it was also entirely pink. 

A horrible, rude little boy was shouting and swearing at me and kept throwing snowballs at me as I cycled away. The snowballs were softer and warmer than usual but once they hit you, they stuck. 

I suddenly panicked about the fact that I'd lost my car and decided to call in to see Richard to see if he could help. I had a large Christmas card with me, for him, but it had 40 on it in huge sparkly numbers. 

Once in his house I was overly aware of his windowsill and wanted to stand near it (!) 

Andy arrived and I panicked that I only had one card. 

I was trying to arrange with them both, three separate visits. Two to see each of them to give them their Christmas presents and one to see my family.  It was hard because my diary showed I only had Tuesdays(?)!

It didn't occur to any of us for ages that I could do it all in one visit! I also had to visit Andy in his office for some reason :-/

I left deciding to give the Christmas card to a solicitor instead (?!) so that he could help me find my car. 

I was suddenly in an office trying to explain things to a very annoying man that kept talking over me and saying that he was a barrister not a solicitor and I shouldn't get that mixed up because he was far more important and clever. 

He said I was only allowed to talk to him in bullet points of law and case law and that I had to wear his wig (which was red)!

I tried to do this, but he suddenly shouted that the snowball throwing child was him when he was younger!  He pointed to a snowball still on my back, declared it as evidence and tried to wrestle me to the floor. 

I threw my bike at him and ran away feeling really cross and worrying I was late to take my mother shopping. 


Monday, 25 July 2011


I was staying at a friend's house. Throughout the dream the identity of the friend kept changing. 

In the observing part of the dream there were women of three generations milling about between bedrooms. It turned out that there were pregnancy tests all over the place and that they were all pregnant. 

In the participating part of the dream, I had to go to the local shop and buy lots of things. I didn't have a basket and was trying to carry too much in my arms. I kept dropping it all and I was getting very frustrated. I was aware I had to hurry but couldn't find washing liquid so I was going nuts with the stress of it all. 

In the end I had to queue for ages and then found I didn't have money with me anyway. 

Someone upstairs in the shop suddenly choked and a few people ran up and administered first aid and saved the person. For some reason people were thanking me even though I hadn't done anything.  They seemed to think all the people that helped were working for me?!

I went back to my friend's who offered me an egg custard to cheer me up, which I thought was lovely, but then she told me it was out of date and was too stodgy for her anyway.  It somehow didn't seem so nice then and didn't cheer me up at all :-/

It turned out it was her birthday the next day. 

She was feeling fed up and decided to open the present from her boyfriend, even though he had asked her to wait.  The present was in a bowl (like a large round cereal bowl), with brown paper just laid over the top. 

As she opened and start to look through it, there were a few chocolate bars and a pink fluffy decorative identity badge holder which doubled up as earrings. Just for the split second that I could see them as earrings, the friend turned into my husband and I had a clear image of him wearing the earrings and looking ridiculous! 

The friend became a female friend once again.  She stared at the contents of the bowl, looked decidedly unimpressed and put it all down just staring at it and looking fed up and a little upset. 

I felt bad for her and decided to give her money for her birthday. I went delving into my bag and found a chequebook and a load of acorns and loose tutti frutti sweets, but no bank card. I kept searching but couldn't find it. 

While I was looking however I found the blipfoto website in my bag and noticed I had 59 comments and 59 stars for one of my photos.

I was so shocked and excited that I woke up!

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Uphill journey....

I was somewhere with my dad and sister.  It's a bit vague but my dad said it was time to go because of the snow. I only had slippers on and the soles were cracked but he said I'd have to manage as best I could. 

We set off uphill. I had a sense of it being Conway Road in Pontypool even though it wasn't anything like it. 

I was picking my way slowly though bits of ice on the road trying not to slip but I was distracted by my iPod which only played music if I held it near my face. 

My dad and sister were well in front now and as I looked at them in the distance I almost got hit by a car. 

It had swung round and stopped just in time. As I thanked him for stopping and letting me walk by, I noticed that he was made of liquorice. 

I carried on up the hill which had turned into brickfields road in Worcester.  I was surprised they didn't stop at our old house, but carried on walking. 

Suddenly my friend Julie was there. We were in the brickfields house. I was talking to her and at the same time texting my therapist!

We were talking about presents. As we spoke, a delivery was made of a bike stand. We both somehow knew this was ahead of the real present of a bike and was off my dad. 

Julie said ' see?' as if it proved something. We then went on to talk about how many miles I'd be cycling. 

Then my therapist sent me a present over text. It was a cardboard box containing raw chicken and pineapple and coconut stock cubes in a fancy tin. 

Once again Julie said 'you see?'

She then said that if I didn't mind she'd like me to take her round to show her where my friends lived. I told her I didn't know where my therapist lived and the present in the box in front of me turned into white crockery. 

We then got talking about friends.  I said something along the lines of, some people I knew would have come to see me that weekend but couldn't and Julie tried to prove that it was the equivalent of her having loads of people coming to her party. 

It was as though Julie was trying to prove to me with every event and comment, that people did like me. 

I wasn't really sold on the logic of the argument! :-/

Then julie's parents arrived. We all started talking about the 'guardian of the meat' who had been the chef at her party. 

Apparently he was obsessed with meat, his two wives had left him and he was refusing to leave the village hall. 

Sure enough we were suddenly in the village hall and there he was at the other side of the room mumbling about meat, wives and phone calls!

I noticed an old fashioned dial phone next to him with the receiver off the hook.  Whenever someone replaced it, he'd take it off again. 

He was surrounded by round pieces of pork which were clearly going off and he was rocking and muttering away to himself. 

Um....and that's it really. Can't remember anything else :-/

Saturday, 23 July 2011

A fair jumble of random weirdosity...

I definitely dreamt about Gwyn but I went back to sleep and now all I can remember is that we were playing with Lego!

Then I was part of a film production and we were filming in Cooper's field in Cardiff. There were some fairly well known people in it and Catherine Zeta Jones was playing the part of Castell Coch (!) and spent the whole time stood on a step ladder!

I was then in a three storey house. I am not 100% sure whose house it was but I think it was Mandy & Steve's (friends I lost touch with over ten years ago). 

I'd been staying there but someone (I feel it was someone's Dad) wanted me out ASAP!

I was rushing round the house in the least efficient way possible, trying to gather all my stuff. I would only take one item from a room then rush down two floors to get something else then all the way back up etc. 

It was tiring and I had a feeling of not really making any progress. When I eventually had everything together I suddenly decided that I didn't feel right in my clothes so I stripped off and started running around the house all over again looking for something to wear. 

I somehow ended up dressed then I realised I hadn't looked in any bathrooms so my toiletries weren't packed. 

All in all it was a stupidly dragged out, disorganised departure!  

I did eventually go though and I was at a train station trying to carry all my stuff. A number of people offered to help me into various carriages but they annoyed me. I was looking for something or someone particular but couldn't see it/them so struggled in to a compartment alone. 

(Did anyone else used to love the trains with corridors and separate little compartments?  I used to love those especially if I got one to myself. Mind you I'd inevitably end up with the train weirdo sitting in with me. I'm sure he felt exactly the same)!

Aaaaanyway, back to the dream (although I'm tempted to start a new blog of train incidents.....hmmmm)! ;-)

It turned out I'd chosen the wrong compartment and there was a camel in there. For some reason we both felt embarrassed and struck up a conversation about 1980s music!

I went to find food and came back to find the camel looking very guilty and eating my luggage. I saw a sign saying 'beware of the goat' (!) and decided to complain that I hadn't seen the sign before!

The camel sniggered at me and ended up spitting on everything so I pushed him off the train!  (how cruel)!

Friday, 22 July 2011

Where's that lovely old lady from number 45 when I need her...? :-/

The first bit of my dream is a bit vague now as I woke up between dreams but didn't jot it down. 

All I remember is that once again I was involved in an episode of Doctor Who, where he was running around in a factory / warehouse, trying to find a dragon. At the same time the dragon was trying to find him. 

As an observer I could see them both. The whole warehouse was made up of rows and rows of tall shelving that seemed to go for miles. Like an extra large B&Q. 

The whole thing was set out like a maze however and a cubicle of toilets kept moving around to fool them that they had reached the back wall when they hadn't. 

They were both wasting so much energy and I walked away knowing that they'd never find each other. 

In the next dream, I was in another factory. This time it was my Dad's. I was helping him out by delivering a window and I had to drive a huge articulated lorry. 

I'd never driven one before and I had to do a hill start!  Also, the pedals were about a quarter of the size of normal pedals and weren't in the right order!

It seemed impossible but my dad just got cross with me for not trying so I got in and had a go. 

There were unfamiliar buttons, knobs and levers everywhere and somehow I got it to start moving, very slowly uphill. 

Another lorry was parked on the road in front of me so I drove around it but it turned out he was just about to set off so he ended up right behind me, going nuts that I was going so slowly. 

I tried to change gear but the pedals were tiny and the brake was where the clutch should be. The man behind was screaming horrible personal abuse at me and I felt very stressed. 

Eventually I got to the top of the hill and once I was going downhill it was a lot easier. I picked up speed and didn't dare use the brake as the lorry behind was almost touching and he was still yelling at me. 

I went through red lights, over roundabouts without slowing and had to beep at people to get out of the way. It was very scary and dangerous!

I got to where I was headed and pulled over. The other lorry driver almost hit me, but just narrowly avoided it, driving away from me even faster, still shouting and yelling at me. 

I was relieved to have made it and got out of the cab, only to find my legs were so shaky that I couldn't stand up. 

I looked for someone to help me and saw a few people I knew including some that were friends, but they all told me they didn't have time for me and pushed my hand away as I reached out to them. 

A car pulled up. It was my (late) father in law. He told me he was very annoyed at having to come out to fetch me and shouted at me to get in. 

I got in as quickly as I could and he immediately started criticising me, telling me I didn't know how to put a seatbelt on properly, that I took too long to sit down, that my leg was in the wrong place and that I had too many freckles. 

I noticed my dad and my husband in the back but they just mumbled in agreement at what a nuisance I was and apologised for me. 

I sat there staring out, thinking I'd rather be on my own than constantly surrounded by people that clearly didn't want me there, but I didn't know where to go, so I sat there stroking a rabbit that I found in the glove compartment and it made me feel a bit better!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Wrongly imprisoned.....

I was in some sort of stationery cupboard. It was large, with a mezzanine level and it was full of rats, gerbils, hamsters and mice which I had to herd into a large box in the corner. 

Needless to say (although clearly I'm saying it anyway), it was an almost impossible task. Certainly it was frustrating and exhausting so I did give up in the end, reasoning that letting them run free within the cupboard was more humane anyway. 

Sadly the authorities did not agree!  My failure to achieve the task resulted in immediate imprisonment and I was marched off to a cell. 

It was a fairly large cell which I was to share with 4 other women. We all had a thin roll up mattress each and had to find a space to sleep. I was last but one to arrive so got the last decent space. 

A young woman arrived to take the last space. She looked bewildered and frightened. I felt sorry for her and got her a drink of water with ice. For some reason there were bowls of ice cubes around the cell. 

Once we were locked in I suggested we all work together to make the room as nice and comfortable as possible.  I produced 5 white linen bed sheets, a bunch of daffodils and a window from my bra and together we made the cell into a clean, bright pleasant room. 

The next morning I was walking up some stairs trying to find a loo. I walked into a very large changing room which had loos in the corner. There was no one else in there but as I passed a mirror I noticed that I was actually a schoolboy!

A teacher/prison officer appeared. This isn't really something I can explain as it's one of those things that happen in that dimension which only exists in the dreaming mind!  The person who appeared was a woman as a teacher and a man as a prison officer, both at once. :-/

Aaaaaanyway.....this person was very excited because they'd heard that I had volunteered to plan an escape mission. I immediately felt defensive (and wrongly accused) but then I was confused.  Why was this person, clearly in a position of authority, pleased that we had an escape plan?

It was almost a tangible feeling of realisation like a wave through my body, as it became clear that the officers were prisoners too and it was some sort of game or experiment by someone else, to set us against each other. 

I thought about this as I walked down stairs and corridors and decided I would lead an escape!  I got over excited, ran down some stairs, fell down them and inevitably woke up just before I got to the bottom!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Post 101...

Yes I have got to 100..... and with this, passed it.

I've remembered that I originally started doing this just for my own records anyway.  I do occasionally look back on them and some make me giggle.  Also, my mother finds them amusing and I am thinking of printing them off and giving them to her in a book for Christmas! ;-)

Also, I have looked at other blogs (real, proper blogs) and those that show stats don't have that many more hits than this really, plus of course I know I have a regular audience of at least one! :)

So for those reasons I am plodding on.  After all, no one has to look at it if they don't want to. makes it a lot easier for my therapist this way ;-D

In pursuit of happiness...

Oh how I wish I had the skills to really convey my dreams, so that others could come close to understanding how I experience them. 

Sometimes, the dream almost has a texture to it. Sometimes I feel so immersed and involved in it and other times I'm a confused, bewildered observer, being dragged along with events totally out of my control. 

Last night I was very much immersed in it. It felt just as real as now. 

I was walking through a city. It was a bright, gleaming city. It was busy, bustling and I had a sense that everyone in it was happy, wealthy and comfortable in life. 

As I walked through the city with a group of people, it got gradually less bright, less busy and eventually started to get rather run down. 

I found myself apologising to the group which was getting smaller in number as we went along, for what had become a filthy, seedy, quite scary part of town. I remember there was an arcade full of people sleeping rough and taking drugs. Also a row of boarded up shops with very dodgy looking people hanging around and staring at us.  One of them had three vicious looking dogs straining on a lead, growling and snarling in our direction.  There was litter everywhere. 

I looked back, but the nicer part of town could only be seen through a sort of haze...much like the effect of heat coming off a road on a very hot day. 

Everything looked distant and slightly unreal and I just knew I couldn't go back. 

My mother suddenly appeared telling me I must go to my uncle's house. She showed me a map with a line drawn between where we were and his house. I could tell that it was about 7 miles and that it involved going over Caerphilly mountain. 

She wouldn't let me have the map though and said I had to find my own way. I asked for the postcode for satnav and she said CV37 1LP

I told her I knew that wasn't right but she insisted it was. I asked for the number of the house but she would only give me the clue....'think of water'.

I had the feeling she didn't want me to find it and was being deliberately obstructive!

I remembered I had my uncle's address in my contacts anyway so just thanked her and set off. 

I know some other people were still with me....maybe 2 or 3, but I don't know who.  We all set off driving over Caerphilly mountain. It was far more barren and isolated than in real life. There was a low lying mist and sounds from odd animals. It was also getting dark and the whole thing felt eerie but exciting. 

I remember thinking that I felt especially clean!(!?)!

We eventually got there and parked on my uncle's street. It was a steep street full of smart terraced houses with brightly coloured front doors. We started to look for number 45 (not the number he lives at in real life), but the numbers were out of order and kept moving from one house to another. 

We eventually went to a house that had numbers 23, 45 and 71 on it.  I knocked and a red haired woman I didn't know answered. I thought I had got the wrong house but she said she was the 'pre Pat' and that it was the right house. 

I suddenly noticed it had been raining and I was soaked. I had an overwhelming sense of exhaustion and relief come over me and wanted to cry. It was a feeling of having been lost and then realising you're home. 

I walked in to find that 'pre Pat' had indeed changed into someone I knew. My family were there along with an old lady I didn't recognise, but somehow knew I was very special to her and that she had been waiting for me a long time. 

I ran and gave her a huge hug, apologising for getting her wet. She touched my wet hair and said she didn't care because she would always love me exactly as I am no matter what. 

I can't explain how it made me I could finally stop struggling and fighting and just relax, be myself and be looked after and loved. It was as though I was a child again  I felt so happy I didn't really want to wake up!! ;-)

PS a private message to someone....just noticed this morning how many freckles are on my shoulders!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Better late....?

Since I've left it so late to post this, my recollection of this dream is poor. 

I was starting at a new workplace/school and I was trying to get ready but I was very disorganised. 

It was both a workplace and a school and I had to sleep there so I had to pack loads of stuff. 

It took me so long to get ready that I was a week late but no one seemed to

Once there I was introduced to my new work/school mates but it was hard to greet them as there was cake oozing out of the palms of my hands. 

I realised I'd eaten too much cake the day before so I went to the canteen to wash my hands. 

I did this, then as I turned from the sink I was alarmed to see that a hoard of dinner ladies had completely trapped me up against the sink with a wall of chairs. 

Luckily I had an electric fan in each hand which I turned on and destroyed the wall of chairs but ended up with splinters in my eyebrows so decided to go to bed. 

100 all out?

I'm not sure, but I'm thinking of possibly stopping this blog....maybe once I get to 100 posts? Anyone actually reads this and cares one way or the other, feel free to tell me.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Crime and punishment...

The dream last night had a real feeling of fantasy about it - hard to explain!  It started with me observing a perfect family. You had a sense that they were all lovely people but were also victims of circumstance.  They had the most beautiful home but it was tiny.  A real two up, two down with tiny rooms, but all immaculate and stunningly beautifully decorated.  I somehow knew that they had always known it wouldn't last.

They were being thrown out of their home and I could feel their pain at having to leave.  It was really sad.  They cycled off into the sunset as their home was boarded up and only the little girl looked back.

Then I turned to my friend Lauren, both of us feeling sad and we both got in a car and drove away.  Things kept going wrong with the car so we kept stopping at garages to get it fixed.  Each time the mechanic told us exactly what to do to fix it and we did exactly as we were told.

In one garage, the mechanic died while he was fixing the car, but another took over and said it wasn't our fault.

At one garage, the mechanic got suspicious at how often the car was going wrong and phoned the police.  We didn't think we had done anything wrong as we had just done as we were told, but then we thought maybe we should have questioned some of the things and we panicked.

We decided to run away so we set off running as fast as we could.  The mechanics were very close behind us and we ended up getting separated.  We were running around up and down complex sets of staircases with doors, corridors and stairs coming off stairs which you would start going up then realise suddenly you were actually going down.

I was aware that we were in both the Millennium Stadium and St David's Chapel in Pontypool at the same time.  I jumped over a wall and this somehow got me into a different dimension which meant the mechanic was no longer right behind me and I got to a space, where I could stop to catch my breath for a moment.  

I saw Lauren looking for me and pulled her in so we could rest a minute.

We knew we couldn't really get away and thought the best option was to give ourselves up so we started to walk round the corner to the Police station, although it was a mixture of a leisure centre and Aberystwyth Art Centre.  We started to walk in when Clare appeared.  She gave us some tips on surviving in prison as she had been in herself (!) and we went in to the Police Station which turned out to be a library.  

We thought we might get into a bit of trouble and spend a few days in prison but then we were charged with the murder of the mechanic that died fixing the car.

Suddenly we were actually in prison on remand and I was in a cell with a married couple.  They were asking me about what books I had read recently.  There followed a very silly and confusing conversation about a book which was either called 'Fences' or 'Fenced' and based on which one it actually was, this woman prisoner either approved or got very very angry!

I was then moved into my permanent cell which turned out to be a house share with my husband and another couple.  The house was ancient.  A very old stone building that was falling down.  It only had one floor but the vaulted beamed ceiling was very high.  The house was split vertically and one side was a mirror image of the other side.  We had one side per couple.

We were all chatting when the roof started to collapse near the outside wall.  It started with little black bits falling down and then the whole thing crumbled.  We all ran to the back of the house.

It seemed to settle so we carried on as usual, then the other couple's shelf went soggy and completely gave way with all their electrical items falling to the ground smashing.  I ran to our shelf and felt that it was also soggy and starting to give way.  I held it up and shouted to my husband to help me.

He ran over with a new shelf that was strong but nowhere near as deep.  He somehow replaced the shelf without removing any of the items on it, but the DVD recorder wouldn't fit so we had to plug that in inside the fridge!  We felt very pleased with ourselves but then we got into trouble because it turned out, the crumbling shelf was part of the punishment.

As it was me that had held it up, I was sent to solitary confinement, except it wasn't that solitary!  There was someone else in there waiting for me.

I'm afraid the dream becomes X rated at this point so I cannot record the rest of it here!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Um.....a bit weird?

I know....they are always a bit weird!  Anyway - there were two bits to today's dream. And as it was something to three when I got to sleep it was definitely today!

So in part one, Gwyn was sending me photos embedded with a 3DG code (whatever that is - I suspect it is something to do with his dongle)!  These photos arrived via mini hot air balloon (it was all white and very pretty) and once I licked the photos (!) it activated the code. 

Once activated, the photos would lead me to a piece of gwyn's body!  I had to collect all the pieces and put him back together again in time to watch the rugby!

In part two, I was at my welsh lesson on the last day of term and my husband came with me for the first time. The seating arrangement was impossible, but we got around the problem by making the table longer, using sand. 

The lesson ended and we all had to walk to the next term. 

As we walked, we went through Worcester and this one woman who was sometimes my friend Julie, kept saying how nice it was. I kept saying it was alright, but crap at lunchtime. 

We passed through Worcester and into Pontypool. Once there, the woman got really upset that she'd missed her train, so we decided to keep her company until the next one came and were walking round the Market, with a talking mynah bird. 

The woman wandered off and for a while was in the wrong week;  we shouted really loud and she came back but her train was just going. 

She ran and ran, at breakneck speed down thousands of steps but we couldn't wait to see if she'd caught the 80 minutes past 3 train as the term was getting too far away and we had to hurry. 

We just caught up a bit late as they were doing past tense verbs, but life had run out of black ink so everything was turquoise and a bit glary. 

We all sat down and had diluted tippex thinner and hollow doughnuts at break time.  I had an overwhelming feeling of the past and the present being all mixed up and wrong. 

Saturday, 16 July 2011

If you are short on time.....

...I wouldn't bother with this one.  It is going to be a long one.  A long post that is.  There are many dreams...including one which isn't actually mine!

So to start at the traditional place.  Dream one was very short and the most realistic dream ever.  I dreamt I was lying in bed texting Gwyn.  I woke up and spent five minutes panicking trying to find my phone in the bed before realising it was on the side charging and it had only been a dream!

Then in dream two, I was in a Church Hall where a vicar had arranged sandwiches for after choir practice and wanted me to cut the cheese.  There wasn't enough so I went to buy some more but the vicar said he wasn't giving me any fucking money.  I thought this a tad un-christian but said I would buy the cheese.  When I returned, I noticed the sandwiches had the tiniest amount of cheap margarine on and were made out of horrible thin rubbery bread, which had also gone stale.

I tried to make them the best I could but he was just obsessed with what it was costing him.  

Also for all the people at choir practice, was a box of blank christmas cards - for some reason they all had to have one each.  I noticed that some of them weren't blank but were used cards from many years ago.  One of them was for TizBanana!  One had a note written by my mother in 1987 saying 'for Dad' but it was never sent as her Dad died in November that year.

I managed to get a few blank ones out of it and shook my head at yet again another example of how tight this vicar was!  

Dream three saw me in London; we were in a multi storey car park driving a van and it was rush hour.  We couldn't believe how stupid we were to be in London at that time and we were totally lost.  Even the car park was huge and had various junctions, traffic lights and roundabouts.  We kept guessing the route and were just trapped in the car park going round and round.  I tried to use satnav but for some reason I just couldn't use it.  I kept meaning to but it never happened - I can't explain it beyond that!

I decided I may as well get out and do some shopping while Paul was driving around, so I did.  Everything on sale was an everyday item but made out of wicker. I remember thinking that the stuff on sale would not have been sold anywhere else except London.

Everywhere I went, people were trying to persuade me to eat and drink things that I shouldn't but I was very good and kept saying no which made me feel a bit better.

Dream number four saw me naked (you just knew it had to happen at some point, didn't you? ;-) in my house, which of course wasn't like my house at all!  I was just about to go outside when I noticed three young lads messing about on a bike out the back (where they shouldn't have been).  I shouted at them to go away or I would call the police but they wouldn't go so I sent Paul off to get the gun (we haven't actually got one)!

Another gang came around the corner on motorbikes waving and boasting that they had the keys to our house.  More and more appeared - it was chaos and we were overrun.

I walked up a non existent weir to phone the police.  I dialled 999 and got a recorded message saying 'for emergencies, phone the Mayor's office in Merthyr'!  I eventually spoke to someone who said that someone had already reported this crime and by reporting it twice I had cancelled it out!

We went back to the house and on the way we passed a house that was still in the 1980s.  My mother was just leaving.  She was the same age that I am now and she was saying goodbye to her parents.  It made me cry to see my grandparents again and to realise how quickly time had passed.

When back in the house people kept knocking the door but it was never the police.  Firstly it was the RAC, then a vet, then a florist.  We let them all in as it turns out other people had been living in our house that we hadn't noticed!  I was panicking that the house was a mess and at all the people now in it.  This, along with gangs of motorcycling youths driving around with our possessions outside resulted in the strongest feeling of chaos and being out of control I have ever had!

Dream five was very short.  I looked at my phone and saw an email had arrived that I had been waiting for...... at least I thought it was the email I was waiting for.  I only saw it for a nanosecond before my husband took the phone off me messing about, fumbled, pressed something and deleted about 10 emails.

I took it back and no matter what I did I could not locate the email so I was never sure whether it had been that email or not.

That's me done BUT... my husband told me his dream and as a one off, two for the price of one deal I am going to share it here.

He was at a 'Turkey Quiz' with Joe Calzaghe and my friend Joanne.  You had to eat a strip of turkey as you arrived.  He argued with Joe Calzaghe about how old Frank Bruno was (who also turned up at the quiz).

Joe Calzaghe's question was...'Which athlete 108, 108, 106, 96, Cardiff City?'

The answer of course was Christian Malcolm!  (?!)

My husband was also aware there was a snooker match in the next room and he kept getting told off for making a noise as he was watching a live stream of 'management voting at Fairwater Conservative Club'!

His questions were meant to be on snooker but they never were so he answered 'Steve James' to every one and it was always wrong.  He also had to test my friend's boobs to make sure they were real (a likely story)!

There was always a bit with a Jag with a camera in the boot which had a tape measure attached which could not do any measuring and the camera stopped working near experts.  He also got in trouble for eating all the turkey!

So.......all in all lots of dreaming in this house last night! ;-)