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Thursday, 7 July 2016

Another life?

I dreamt I woke up in someone else's life. I lived in a small house that only had two rooms and both of them were kitchens full of kitchen cupboards with no sink, cooker, fridge etc. The man I was with was obsessed with watching me cook fried Yorkshire pudding and square sausages which I somehow did on a wooden cupboard. The island in the kitchen kept changing size so I had to get past quickly or it would crush me.  The man I was with kept asking how I could even contemplate getting married when my heart was elsewhere. He said I was no better than a milk bottle and left me outside. 

I saw my family but they walked ahead and didn't wait for me. I got delayed because I accidentally had a cow magnet in my clothes and small cows (with sheep's faces) kept getting in my way.  

I tried to run to catch up but I couldn't, so I sat on the grass and realised I could slide down very easily. I overtook my sister and got to the bottom just ahead of everyone else.  I announced I loved hills and wanted one for Christmas.  A random woman with a swimming costume on and hairy knees, holding a baby, announced that Octavia was getting her own wave machine. 

I realised I was in a brand new hospital where everything was painted white. There was a camouflage staircase and bewitched vending machines. I tried to leave but a knitted receptionist explained there was nowhere to leave to. This was my whole world but  I had got there too soon and they hadn't finished decorating :-/ 

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Weird house

I dreamt I lived in a three storey house and the moon moved in to the top floor. I tried to keep the house tidy but the top floor was always a terrible mess because the moon collected pieces of multi coloured A4 cardboard.   If I visited the moon, all the rest of the house twisted itself into chaos because of the 'rule of reflection'. 

In the garden, the long faced grey rabbit invited old friends in if they had stale cake and then hid in the greenhouse.   It turned out the greenhouse was a pet factory and had produced two puppies, two kittens, a tiger cub and a phobia of pebbles. :-/ 

Inside the house had become quite weird as all the rooms had become dead relatives and could only be unlocked with memories and emotions. I had trouble with the toilet because it was my great grandma who died before I was born so I had no memories and had to make some out of snakeskin :-/ 

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Other worlds

I dreamt....

At the back of my house, which wasn't mine, was a large, spherical, glass room.  At the centre was a column that came halfway up from the floor to the exact centre. A disc resembling a giant LP was fixed at its centre, so as you walked around it, the whole disc tilted and moved.  Independent of this, the whole sphere constantly turned like a revolving restaurant.  As it revolved it passed points where you could exit the sphere, but these doorways were randomly placed and to access them, you had to get the disc at the right level at the right time. 

Each doorway led to the exact same world that you'd just left, but experienced through a different perspective.  There was the door of optimism, the door of paranoia and the door of comparison. 

The whole sphere was powered by butterscotch, melted by the vitriol of a fictitious character.  It was in a glass jug and that day was being kept mainly melted by Tracey Barlow. 

I managed to get through a door and I thought I'd know instantly which world perspective I had, but I had no idea and realised I had to figure it out. 

I was in a chapel and was embarrassed at having no make up on. I became aware it was an open mic chapel but the other performers were singing and doing acrobatics at the same time. Before I could think much about this, my boss approached me to say it was about time they heard me sing but first I had to answer a question. 

The question was just a few seconds of silence and I had to choose a, b or c as the answer.  I chose 'a' which meant I had to go on an open top bus tour of my own prejudices.  However the bus went without me and crashed into a derelict building. 

Suddenly I was back at school. I knew I was there to work but I was equally aware I was back at school. Not only physically there, but back in time too. The feeling of nostalgia and regret was painful and I tried to hide under a staircase, but I became entangled in the colour green and my (other) boss saw me. I apologised for being late and tried to scuttle away but she insisted on telling me things about my life. 

As she told awful stories they took hold and became memories. I ran away and tried to hide in an answering machine but I heard someone singing a song I'd only just written. 

I had to ask how they knew it so I came out to ask. She wouldn't answer but more and more people joined in until it was deafening.  I felt scared and confused and so upset my song had been stolen, so I started throwing Bunsen burners but my hair caught fire. :-/

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

The wheels on the bus....

I dreamt I was on the top deck of a triple decker bus but the bus's wheels were inside. They were small and red and ran on cream plastic tracks. I watched and as the driver below drove I saw how well he was steering. A wheel came off the tracks so I had to lift it back in. I shouted to the driver to carry on but the bus was jammed and all the alarms went off so I had to get off. The driver had a secret written on a blue card that he kept trying to hide. A woman came who owned the bus and told him off for not building the road first and me for having a messy fringe. 

Suddenly I was on an island and everyone in my family was buying paranoia cake and ice cream.  The woman behind the counter was pushing cucumber cake but I wanted the almond cream and noodle cake with paper bag flavoured ice cream. 

No one in my family would tell me what they were doing but they all had an obsession with carrying garden chairs.  Then three of them attacked me for having my own weather front. 

It turned out I was the producer of a TV show starring Kim Woodburn and it was about to start but I'd left my ice cream and my bladder on the bus so was queuing up to find it inside the smell of old wood. 

The compere started to slag me off so I went towards them but got waylaid by loads of wedding guests showing me boxes of Windows from Amsterdam :-/

Monday, 25 April 2016


I dreamt I was with someone whose face kept changing.  We walked from a flat to the beach. It was just crossing a road and I was impressed by how close the sea was, but then a man pointed out to me that my feet were bleeding and said "you came further than you realised."

I noticed it was raining and put an umbrella up but the same man took it off me and said "it's not raining. You're just remembering storms."

So I put on sunglasses, but again the man took them off me, saying "it's not bright enough to hide from the sun.  You just have the dust of too many memories in your eyes, refracting the light.  You should cleanse your eyes"

I realised I needed to get home so myself and my now faceless companion boarded a train.  We were immediately pulling into our station and before the train had even stopped, my companion was on the platform waiting for me but she had left her clothes and handbag on the seat. 

I managed to pick up her coat when the train started to move so I had to jump out, but it was already a few feet from the platform so I ended up on the track, panicking because the train was moving towards me and I'd left my friend's stuff on the train.  

I managed to somehow get my legs out of the way JUST in time as I clambered up on the platform but was sobbing my heart out over my friend's lost belongings.  

Suddenly I was in a hospital bed but all the nurses and doctors were mice. Apparently it worked really well because if they were short staffed they would just breed and produce more mice. 

I had six of them looking after me and as they jointly carried loo rolls around the place, I remember wondering why the NHS hadn't done this before! :-/ 

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Musical leaves

The end of this one is sort of lovely....

I dreamt I was in a European city made up entirely of small squares which you couldn't cut had to walk the entire perimeter of every square to progress. 

I was on a bike and Paul walked...leading a large white horse.  There were two friendly policemen in a foreign looking uniform making sure people walked around the squares properly. 

We were rewarded for being so obedient by being given directions to a secret door which was on two levels at once.  We floated up to a higher level, entering a huge gate at the first floor and coming out at ground level in londerpool which was London and Liverpool at the same time. 

There was a music festival wedding on and all the shops were selling music memorabilia. I saw my reflection and realised I had someone else's body and was wearing a long purple dress which looked completely hideous, with lacy pleated nastiness, was slightly see through in places and was made out of net curtains and dead flowers. 

I suddenly became aware the wedding was off and everyone was rushing to return dresses but I said I couldn't as I'd sweated in mine and melted the seams. 

Instead I watched people spend thousands of pounds on key rings and argue over posters and just wondered at the sanity of the world. 

I suddenly saw the emotions instead of the people. I saw fear and anger and sadness and confusion and desperation.  It made me so sad that I turned into a tree, sucked all the bad stuff up through my roots and turned it into songs which came out as very green leaves. 

No one noticed me much until autumn when the leaves fell and the city was filled with music.....which bizarrely turned into park benches in time for Christmas. :-/

Sunday, 10 April 2016


I dreamt that everyone suddenly started telling me everything that was opposite to anything they'd said before. I was bewildered and after several attempts at saying "but you always said......." which were just met with shrugs of indifference, I was getting upset, so started looking for reassurance which I knew was in the building somewhere.

The building was hugely complex with different bits of my life in different eras all in different rooms. It had very long corridors that didn't behave as they should.  They got longer and shorter at the same time and had the same room with the same people in it on both sides at once.

I got keys off 'Vilky' who was a work colleague and was giving them to anyone that wanted to see her new house. The keys however, got me into a beautiful room with an old lady sat in a hospital bed surrounded by millions of flowers and several armed guards!

I explained my predicament and she seemed to understand... which made me feel better. She told me that the answer was within the flowers but before I could ask which ones she was suddenly very far away helping someone else. I could tell that it was all I was going to get, so I left her. I was feeling angry with one particular friend and was determined to challenge her.

Upon arriving in the 'rooms' of my friend (mix of a house, office, shop and studio), she was friendly and smiling and I wondered if I'd got it wrong but when I challenged the earlier statement a door appeared from nowhere and I was locked outside.  I was allowed back in only if I promised not to mention it again.

Once inside I had a feeling of something out of kilter but I couldn't put my finger on it.   Then I realised that the images in the mirrors weren't true reflections. They were somehow slightly different.

Once I focused on them properly I realised the real world was inside the mirrors and the reflections......which were the opposite way around......had escaped into our world and for some reason I was the only person that hadn't got taken into the mirrors.

Luckily I could see that there were controls on an old video player that could control it so I hit stop and rewind....once it got to the start the mirrors smashed and everything was back to normal.....except I realised I was now invisible!

Im back...

....well I never went anywhere really.  My dreams have continued and I've bored Facebook friends almost daily.  But I'm back on here :-)

Here we go then.