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Monday, 13 August 2012

My capacity to dream has not lessened....

I was in a restaurant that was in two very tall and modern towers. They were mainly made of glass and had mini circular metal balconies all the way down the outside. 

There was no connection between the towers, yet all customers inexplicably moved between the two with ease. 

They were asking for volunteers to climb down the outside without any safety equipment. 

One customer volunteered and climbed down the left tower.  It looked easy and everyone cheered. 

We all walked to the right tower (impossibly) where someone else had volunteered but this is where is all got a bit odd. 

It was compulsory for the volunteer to have their hands painted with water and then they played music which sounded odd. 

It turned out that everything had gone through a dimension converter. The building looked similar except it was like it was made up of pieces that didn't quite fit together properly. It looked vertical and horizontal at the same time. 

The music was meant to be 'Sledgehammer' but if you listened carefully through the dimension converter you could hear that it was actually the theme to the pink panther!

The volunteer set off and managed to stroll down the side whilst eating omelette and chips :-/

Later on Adam took me to his parents' house.  His mother was running a cocktail bar and his father was pacing purposefully with his hands held behind his back. He kept glancing at me and my presence clearly bothered him. 

His mother made Adam and I a lilac cocktail in a traditional cocktail glass but she got confused and put pickled onions in, instead of ice! 

I was told that I had to choose which accident to have to maximise compensation then I had to drive Adam's Dad into the Olympic stadium in a purple glass.