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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Hello again! :-)'s been a while.  I HAVE had some cracking dreams, but last night was so mad and is still going round and round my head so I just had to record it.

I lived behind a magic shop and every day to get into my house I had to perform some sort of task.  On this particular day I had to tune in a miniature metal wind chime to the key of H!  Becci (one of the hairdressers I go to) was holding it and I had to tune each metal piece to fit in with the tones in a computer game her little boy was playing.

I managed this and got through to where Lauren and Jo (my friend and another hairdresser!) were taunting me with mirrors.  I wasn't sure which way was really there and which way was a reflection.  I eventually got through to outside where there was an outside shower cubicle at the end of the garden.  I went in but there was a dog having a shower and also an oven in my way.

I kept calling them to move the unwanted additions to my shower but I was locked in and had to work around them.  When I came out they laughed at me and threw giant pegs at me which left bruises.

I set off on my bike to go to Marloes or Pembrey.  I realised 5 minutes down the road that Marloes was well over an hour even in a car and thought better of it so I saw a roundabout up ahead and decided to cycle all the way around and head back home.

As I started to cycle home it was suddenly icy and my bike wheels couldn't get a grip.  I didn't fall off but I was skidding all over the place.  I noticed that Jeremy Clarkson and the others from Top Gear were stood on the pavement filming me and doing a running commentary of why they hated cyclists.

I got past that area and noticed that it was now hot and sunny.  Every now and again I would see a still, partially transparent image of my husband doing a ghost of a snapshot in time.

If I tried to cycle past, I would end up getting stuck in loops of time so I realised I was actually in a computer game and I had to cycle through the images of my husband, smashing them.  I heard a dinging noise as I did so and I gained points and occasionally an extra life!

I eventually got to a farm where all the people and animals had faces of people I knew but not bodies to match.  I had to poke people I didn't like and caress those I did.  If I chose a bad person to like or a good person to dislike, I would lose a life.

I got into a field and it was a very romantic place with sunshine, butterflies and flowers.  I was walking hand in hand with someone who was singing to me and making me tingle like they were shooting waves of magic electricity through my body. I thought I had won the game, but then a bull suddenly charged at us and we had to run and run.

We came to a cliff top and had to stop, but the bull ran towards us so we joined hands, closed our eyes and jumped off!

Despite sounding a bit scary at the end I really enjoyed the whole dream, the feeling of playing a game, meeting challenges and even the danger involved!

Phew - I feel better for getting that one out of my system!

Monday, 12 September 2011

No details.....

But just a brief post to record that I dreamt about dreaming last night. This is very confusing!

Friday, 9 September 2011

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Dreamt I was being chased by a two headed, six foot kangaroo penguin.  Called George. There was also attack mould, strawberry chocolate evil and a nice dovecote.

So. Not a blog but a summary. The attack mould was really scary. It merged humans.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

An Island retreat...

I think what I will do is post less often - maybe when I think it's a particularly good dream or at least one I might like to record ;-)

I did say however that I would post today's, so being a woman of my word, here it is - not overly long, which is no bad thing at all!

Myself, my husband and my parents were living on a cliff-top island.  We had a dining table out in the middle of nowhere, near the cliff edge and were sitting eating.

It suddenly started to go grey, misty and wet and a friend arrived in her car (not sure how, on an island but that's the least of my worries with some of my dreams)!!

Anyway we all rushed in to the house and stood looking out of rather lovely grand windows, all we could see was murky grey and all we could hear was the wind and the crashing waves.

Next day I woke up to find my friend had already gone out.  She had woken up and had only then realised, what an amazing stunningly beautiful place she had come to.  The sky was blue, the sea a most amazing turquoise and there was no one else about.  I could see her down on the beach running into the sea and laughing and it made me feel happy.

I noticed that she had attached a cork tile to the sky and nailed her toothbrush and toothpaste to the underside of it (as you do)!

Just then we suddenly had an earthquake and huge cracks appeared beneath our feet.  We all ran screaming and ended up in a village full of Victorian houses.

All the residents were complaining about the damage and blaming us, as we had built the houses!  I said that we certainly didn't as they were over 100 years old, but they said the former owner of our house HAD, so it amounted to the same thing!

They would not see sense and all had huge buckets of black tar, telling us that we needed to use it to glue their houses back together.

We gave in and started to fill all the cracks with tar.

And I am afraid the ending is no more exciting than that :(

But feel free to make something up....maybe in one of the houses there was an orgy going on and we all joined in!  ;-)

Winding down...

I'll record last night's dream here later, but I'll wind this down soon.

I know that some used to read and stopped, some (I think) have a brief look out of be nice :-) Those who do read it still, I am sure will get bored of it soon enough ;-)

I don't look back at them as often as I used to myself even, so I'm sure my time would be better spent doing something else. Everything ends. Whether you want it to or soon I think it'll be time to leave the dreams behind and concentrate more on real life. Whatever that is! ;-)

Saturday, 3 September 2011

An audio abduction!

As a one off silly thing to do I have done an audio version of my dream!  You SHOULD (if I do it correctly) find it right at the bottom of this page, near the list of previous posts!  

If SOMEONE could let me know if it works I would be most grateful! :-)

Last night's dream started with myself, my husband and my father sitting round a dining room table somewhere, discussing our plans to set up our own business 'doing accents'! (?)   I should add none of us can actually do accents!

Anyway we ran out of biscuits - a clear disaster in anyone's book I am sure so I set off to the local supermarket to get some.

Once there I bumped into a girl who looked stressed as she desperately needed 12 sachets of low fat hot chocolate and they only had 9.  She looked like her world was coming to an end and  asked me when they refilled the shelves and I confidentially answered 3am!

She nodded and at that moment a bloke appeared, and led her away roughly by the arm.  As I left the supermarket she was stood by a wall crying so I stopped to check she was OK.  She said yes, but  then ran off and I could see her join a group of people up ahead.

As I caught up with them I could hear that they were all talking in rhyme and that everything they said was really funny.  They were all absolutely rocking with laughter so I carried on my way feeling glad she was OK.

I walked to the bus stop and I was surprised to realise that I was waiting for a bus.  I don't quite know why this surprised me, but it did.  The bus arrived, we all got on and as soon as we were on, the driver said he was from Somalia and was abducting us all.  He said we could keep our phones but were not under any circumstances allowed to use them.

It all felt very real and very frightening and my first instinct was to do a surreptitious text to my husband to say 'help I am being abducted'.  Something told me that I would regret it if I did though, so I tucked my phone into my bra and just decided to wait to see what happened and to try to stay calm.

The girl next to me however did try to send a text.  The Abductor was outside and she felt safe, but as soon as she did, he was instantly next to her and crushed the phone in her hand.  He dragged her off and we didn't see her again.

He drove us off somewhere, but then stopped at a bus stop and three blokes got on.  When they realised what was happening they tried to attack the abductor but he had no problem in overpowering all of them.  He threw them off the moving bus...without opening the doors first. 

We ended up on an old industrial estate.  There were just three women left on the bus now.  The other two were hugging each other and crying but for some reason I still felt calm.  He got us all off the bus and took us into an old school.

I received a text on my phone.  I checked, but the abductor was preoccupied so I had a sneaky look.  The text turned into a piece of folded up paper in my hand.

With one last check to make sure he wasn't looking, I glanced at it.  It said 'remember Molly (one of our rabbits!) needs identification so she can get a passport'!  

I was still looking at this when the abductor suddenly banged sharply on the window and made me jump.  He beckoned to me to come outside and I panicked thinking that I was in trouble.  

Once outside he told me I wasn't dressed correctly and that he had wanted all of us outside not just me, as he was taking us for a meal.

I noticed I had pink silk pyjamas on which surprised me, so I headed back in and we all had a frantic search for decent clothes.  I found a black outfit which was covered in white mould.

He seemed happy enough though and gave us all a very long slice of brown bread and a brick of corned beef each (!)

After this 'meal' we were ushered back in and I noticed a small toy on one of the desks.  It was a cross between a car and a helicopter and it looked like it had been dipped in gold paint.  I found that if you repeatedly pulled it backwards, it would zip off forwards.  I did this but after 'driving' forward a bit, it took off into the air as the helicopter function took over!

It flew around a bit then crashed and fell behind a cupboard.  I went to pick it up and it started to talk to me! It was very upset that someone had left it behind, choosing instead to play with its predecessor, the mark II which couldn't even fly!
It was MOST upset and put out about it   

The abductor came in and said he didn't know what to do now, as he hadn't really thought it through!  He asked us, if he got us all an ice cream, would we just call it quits and forget about it, so I said yes please, took the ice cream and walked home!

Friday, 2 September 2011

Alphabet strangeness and mini madness

Well last night's adventure started with me mowing the lawns but everywhere I'd mown had turned cream :-/ 

When I got to the bit of lawn behind the sheds, I suddenly got hit on the head by the letter Y. I suddenly realised that RT and an old friend were fighting, by standing as far away from each other as they could and throwing giant letters at each other. 

Also they were both in fancy dress. :-/

I asked what on earth they were doing and they both stopped and stared at me as if I'd just asked the most peculiar question ever. 

They both said in unison 'a b c d e f g' then got back to fighting. I shrugged and tried to carry on mowing but the mower had disappeared. 

I decided to move some logs instead but for some reason I was moving them by standing over them, legs apart, crouching down and using my inner thighs to roll the logs by swaying my hips side to side!

Suddenly my friend had a huge X sticking out of his chest. He'd been hit. RT was most upset saying it was only meant to be a game. 

RT and I bundled the friend into the back of my mini and set off for hospital but my mini only had three wheels so it was a bumpy ride!

Suddenly we were all out of the car and I was driving it by remote control! It swerved, went through a hedge and I somehow managed to drive it UNDER a blue Volvo! 

The people in the house came out and the owner of the Volvo didn't seem too annoyed. He just tutted and went back in. 

My mini was pulled out and had no roof. I thought about just carrying on driving it as an open top sports mini, but before I could decide, an insurance man popped up next to me. 

He said my insurance would cover repairs to both cars but my mini would have to be taken away now and sit in the waiting room. 

I asked why it couldn't wait at my house and the insurance man looked very shifty and kept looking over to the people from the house who also looked shifty. 

I got very suspicious and put the mini, RT and the other friend into a wooden cart (don't ask me how!) jumped on a horse and rode away pulling the cart behind me! 

There was then a boring bit about writing reports up at work but the horse bit is a better ending ;-)

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Boobs and bras (with added alien monks and marzipan hair dye)!

It is official - my subconcious is obsessed with bras and boobs!

I was in Leekes (a shop) and I found a strange bra.  It was really gorgeous and soft and looked like it had no support at all, but when I tried it on, (I should add that I stripped off to do this in the middle of the shop!), it was incredibly supportive, sort of moulded itself to me and felt great.  It was comfortable yet really put my boobs where I wanted them to be.

I was very pleased and went around thrusting my boobs at random passers by.  I had two other bras that I had previously bought and wanted to return them, so I went to the tills but they weren't tills, they were comfy chairs.  I was just about to go to explain I no longer had the hanger but I did have the receipt, when it occurred to me that I hadn't bought them from there in the first place, so I went up to a cashier, said 'OH' and walked off!

I then went into a changing room to change back into my own bra but it was a barn and a very old friend Mandy was in there, with her husband Steve.  She was also getting changed and I happened to turn around while she was completely naked.  She went mad at me for seeing her naked and I said it was an accident and besides I didn't care.  I then proceeded to run up to her topless and really jiggle, shake and wave my boobs at her, almost hitting myself in the face in the process.

She just tutted at me and turned away, so I just shrugged, put the new bra back on, had that wonderful feeling of it sort of shrink wrapping itself to my body and making everything all firm, then I walked off, sticking my boobs out as far as I could!

I suddenly became aware that my new bra consisted of tiny alien monks (!) that were all holding me in position and that they were processing lots of information about my size and shape and how I moved, to feed back to their planet!  The summary of their findings was '56'.

I got home and it was an unknown house, but was clearly my family home.  My sister and father were there and were packing to move house.  My Dad kept tipping out the contents of boxes I had packed telling me to pack them again, but better.  The contents got less and less each time and seemed to mainly consist of logs.  I decided I couldn't really be bothered to pack logs and threw them into a shed.

I was then suddenly in a hairdressers and I asked to become a redhead, so they gave me some red marzipan and told me to use it all up by softening it in my hands then rubbing it all on to my hair.  I sat to do this and hoped that the final colour wasn't quite as extreme as the colour of the marzipan.  It was very bright red.

I was sat there ages and ages and it seemed a never ending block of marzipan.  Meanwhile, there was a lot going on in the hairdressers.  People were gossiping and talking about some sort of scandal, running around and whispering in corners.

Eventually a young lad realised I hadn't got a mirror so gave me a small octagonal mirror that was too low so I had to duck down to see in it.  No matter what I did, there was always one bit of my hair that didn't have any red on it and I got really frustrated trying to put it all on while events around me got more and more chaotic!

One of the hairdressers was Kate Whittall - a friend I haven't seen for 15 years or more?

Suddenly ( a different dream?) I was upstairs in a terraced house somewhere, looking out of the window and my husband was sat in the next-door neighbour's front garden.

A couple got out of a car and started to go door to door.  They were clearly selling something and I shouted to my husband to hide!  But then I noticed they were selling all sorts of brushes so I said to stop them, as we needed brushes.  I started to run downstairs but I was topless (told you I was obsessed!) so I had to hold my boobs as I ran.

I discovered the sales people plus half the street in 'my' dining room and they all started to ask me to value the brushes!  

I picked up was like a cross between a nailbrush, a scrubbing brush and a charm bracelet!

It was the size of a pocket calculator, it had long, fine, soft bristles and on the reverse, each tuft of bristles had attached to it a silver lucky charm!  They looked really expensive, proper silver charms and I thought it was worth £23 so said as much only to have all the neighbours dive in to buy them before me.

I picked two up quickly, hid one underneath each boob and ran off down the road being chased with people with brushes!!