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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

The wheels on the bus....

I dreamt I was on the top deck of a triple decker bus but the bus's wheels were inside. They were small and red and ran on cream plastic tracks. I watched and as the driver below drove I saw how well he was steering. A wheel came off the tracks so I had to lift it back in. I shouted to the driver to carry on but the bus was jammed and all the alarms went off so I had to get off. The driver had a secret written on a blue card that he kept trying to hide. A woman came who owned the bus and told him off for not building the road first and me for having a messy fringe. 

Suddenly I was on an island and everyone in my family was buying paranoia cake and ice cream.  The woman behind the counter was pushing cucumber cake but I wanted the almond cream and noodle cake with paper bag flavoured ice cream. 

No one in my family would tell me what they were doing but they all had an obsession with carrying garden chairs.  Then three of them attacked me for having my own weather front. 

It turned out I was the producer of a TV show starring Kim Woodburn and it was about to start but I'd left my ice cream and my bladder on the bus so was queuing up to find it inside the smell of old wood. 

The compere started to slag me off so I went towards them but got waylaid by loads of wedding guests showing me boxes of Windows from Amsterdam :-/

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