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Thursday, 7 July 2016

Another life?

I dreamt I woke up in someone else's life. I lived in a small house that only had two rooms and both of them were kitchens full of kitchen cupboards with no sink, cooker, fridge etc. The man I was with was obsessed with watching me cook fried Yorkshire pudding and square sausages which I somehow did on a wooden cupboard. The island in the kitchen kept changing size so I had to get past quickly or it would crush me.  The man I was with kept asking how I could even contemplate getting married when my heart was elsewhere. He said I was no better than a milk bottle and left me outside. 

I saw my family but they walked ahead and didn't wait for me. I got delayed because I accidentally had a cow magnet in my clothes and small cows (with sheep's faces) kept getting in my way.  

I tried to run to catch up but I couldn't, so I sat on the grass and realised I could slide down very easily. I overtook my sister and got to the bottom just ahead of everyone else.  I announced I loved hills and wanted one for Christmas.  A random woman with a swimming costume on and hairy knees, holding a baby, announced that Octavia was getting her own wave machine. 

I realised I was in a brand new hospital where everything was painted white. There was a camouflage staircase and bewitched vending machines. I tried to leave but a knitted receptionist explained there was nowhere to leave to. This was my whole world but  I had got there too soon and they hadn't finished decorating :-/ 

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