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Monday, 25 April 2016


I dreamt I was with someone whose face kept changing.  We walked from a flat to the beach. It was just crossing a road and I was impressed by how close the sea was, but then a man pointed out to me that my feet were bleeding and said "you came further than you realised."

I noticed it was raining and put an umbrella up but the same man took it off me and said "it's not raining. You're just remembering storms."

So I put on sunglasses, but again the man took them off me, saying "it's not bright enough to hide from the sun.  You just have the dust of too many memories in your eyes, refracting the light.  You should cleanse your eyes"

I realised I needed to get home so myself and my now faceless companion boarded a train.  We were immediately pulling into our station and before the train had even stopped, my companion was on the platform waiting for me but she had left her clothes and handbag on the seat. 

I managed to pick up her coat when the train started to move so I had to jump out, but it was already a few feet from the platform so I ended up on the track, panicking because the train was moving towards me and I'd left my friend's stuff on the train.  

I managed to somehow get my legs out of the way JUST in time as I clambered up on the platform but was sobbing my heart out over my friend's lost belongings.  

Suddenly I was in a hospital bed but all the nurses and doctors were mice. Apparently it worked really well because if they were short staffed they would just breed and produce more mice. 

I had six of them looking after me and as they jointly carried loo rolls around the place, I remember wondering why the NHS hadn't done this before! :-/ 

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