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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Weird house

I dreamt I lived in a three storey house and the moon moved in to the top floor. I tried to keep the house tidy but the top floor was always a terrible mess because the moon collected pieces of multi coloured A4 cardboard.   If I visited the moon, all the rest of the house twisted itself into chaos because of the 'rule of reflection'. 

In the garden, the long faced grey rabbit invited old friends in if they had stale cake and then hid in the greenhouse.   It turned out the greenhouse was a pet factory and had produced two puppies, two kittens, a tiger cub and a phobia of pebbles. :-/ 

Inside the house had become quite weird as all the rooms had become dead relatives and could only be unlocked with memories and emotions. I had trouble with the toilet because it was my great grandma who died before I was born so I had no memories and had to make some out of snakeskin :-/ 

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