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Sunday, 10 April 2016


I dreamt that everyone suddenly started telling me everything that was opposite to anything they'd said before. I was bewildered and after several attempts at saying "but you always said......." which were just met with shrugs of indifference, I was getting upset, so started looking for reassurance which I knew was in the building somewhere.

The building was hugely complex with different bits of my life in different eras all in different rooms. It had very long corridors that didn't behave as they should.  They got longer and shorter at the same time and had the same room with the same people in it on both sides at once.

I got keys off 'Vilky' who was a work colleague and was giving them to anyone that wanted to see her new house. The keys however, got me into a beautiful room with an old lady sat in a hospital bed surrounded by millions of flowers and several armed guards!

I explained my predicament and she seemed to understand... which made me feel better. She told me that the answer was within the flowers but before I could ask which ones she was suddenly very far away helping someone else. I could tell that it was all I was going to get, so I left her. I was feeling angry with one particular friend and was determined to challenge her.

Upon arriving in the 'rooms' of my friend (mix of a house, office, shop and studio), she was friendly and smiling and I wondered if I'd got it wrong but when I challenged the earlier statement a door appeared from nowhere and I was locked outside.  I was allowed back in only if I promised not to mention it again.

Once inside I had a feeling of something out of kilter but I couldn't put my finger on it.   Then I realised that the images in the mirrors weren't true reflections. They were somehow slightly different.

Once I focused on them properly I realised the real world was inside the mirrors and the reflections......which were the opposite way around......had escaped into our world and for some reason I was the only person that hadn't got taken into the mirrors.

Luckily I could see that there were controls on an old video player that could control it so I hit stop and rewind....once it got to the start the mirrors smashed and everything was back to normal.....except I realised I was now invisible!

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