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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Musical leaves

The end of this one is sort of lovely....

I dreamt I was in a European city made up entirely of small squares which you couldn't cut had to walk the entire perimeter of every square to progress. 

I was on a bike and Paul walked...leading a large white horse.  There were two friendly policemen in a foreign looking uniform making sure people walked around the squares properly. 

We were rewarded for being so obedient by being given directions to a secret door which was on two levels at once.  We floated up to a higher level, entering a huge gate at the first floor and coming out at ground level in londerpool which was London and Liverpool at the same time. 

There was a music festival wedding on and all the shops were selling music memorabilia. I saw my reflection and realised I had someone else's body and was wearing a long purple dress which looked completely hideous, with lacy pleated nastiness, was slightly see through in places and was made out of net curtains and dead flowers. 

I suddenly became aware the wedding was off and everyone was rushing to return dresses but I said I couldn't as I'd sweated in mine and melted the seams. 

Instead I watched people spend thousands of pounds on key rings and argue over posters and just wondered at the sanity of the world. 

I suddenly saw the emotions instead of the people. I saw fear and anger and sadness and confusion and desperation.  It made me so sad that I turned into a tree, sucked all the bad stuff up through my roots and turned it into songs which came out as very green leaves. 

No one noticed me much until autumn when the leaves fell and the city was filled with music.....which bizarrely turned into park benches in time for Christmas. :-/

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